Apply to Kingdom


  • Applicants must be level 46+ to be considered for eligibility. Clerics are the only exception to this and require L39+.
  • All applicants must join our discord prior to an application being considered.

Application voting system:

  • Kingdom uses a phasing recruitment process.
  • A phase is a 7 day cycle, your application status depends on which Phase you are in.
  • All applicants will move to the next phase ONLY if meeting all requirements at the time the current phase ends.
  • Phase 1 [Tag to Kingdom] – Requirements: Applicant has submitted an application, member has joined discord, applicant has registered on dkp site, application is processed to the forum.
  • Phase 2 [Vote] – Requirements: Applicant has attended 3dkp events, Applicant has completed Phase 1 duration*. *Note if you attend 3 dkp events on day 1 of your Phase 1, you are still waiting until the end of the phase to be marked for a vote.

Raid Recommendations:

  • FR/CR/MR/PR/DR resist gear
  • Charged Midnight Mallet
  • Reaper of the Dead
  • EB items for Kedge and Underwater areas
  • Leatherfoot Raider Skullcap
  • Shiny Brass Idol
  • Pegasus Feather Cloak

To proceed please fill out and submit the following form: