DKP System Details

DKP system Pre-Kunark


 We will be giving our system a test run prior to DEC. 9, 2019. during this time 50% of your DKP accrued will be credited to your account. This will affect all members including officers and guild leadership.


Attendance: You will be required to maintain 10% raid attendance to be eligible to bid on DKP items.

DKP Awards:

  • 1 DKP/hr-Dungeon Crawls (Kedge, SolB) **This needs to be a true crawl, with 12+ people in attendance to count towards dkp**
  • 1 DKP Lucan 
  • 1 DKP/hr Sky/Hate
  • 2 DKP – Phinny
  • 3 DKP – Vox/Naggy/Hate Mini/Fear Golems
  • 5 DKP – CT/Inny


  • 2 DKP/hr
    • For all raid content (Vox, Naggy, Hate Mini, Fear Golem,Inny,Noble Djarn)

Bonus DKP:

  • Soulfire First Time Completion (**with screenshot of /time timestamped, character name, and item linked in the screenshot**) – 3 DKP
  • Soufire(multiple completions) – 1 DKP

Bidding System:

  • Silent bids to officers
  • Bidding is currently only available for mains (we will open this up in the future as more alts become available for raiding and mains have been geared)
  • +1 to 2nd highest bid will be the actual amount of DKP deducted.
  • Ie. Person “A” bids 24 DKP on an item, meanwhile, Person “B” bids 43 DKP, the amount                                   that person “B” will spend is 25 DKP (2nd highest bid: 24 + 1 = 25 DKP