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Kingdom Cleric Epic's Guide


Kingdom Cleric Epic's Guide

Part 1. What Cleric Epic Means

The right-click effect of cleric epic is the Level 56 Cleric resurrection, which restores 96% experience. Invaluable for raids(quick recovery from raid wipe).

Quest can be completed at any level but unequippable until level 46. Right click effect usable at level 50.

Part 2. Cleric Epic Quest Flow.

You can find the detail procedure of cleric epic quest from the link below:


However, some part of it can be skipable or MQable and our guild will help with part of them depending on those mechanics. I will describe them(see the green words below).


Orb of Frozen Water

  1. Loot Lord Bergurgle's Crown from Lord Bergurgle in Lake Rathetear.    

    Step 1 is possible to be skipped. the Lord Bergurgle's Crown is only for spawn of Natasha in Rathe Lake. If somebody else doing this step, spawning Natasha, you can literally turn in your quest item to Natasha at same time. Natasha will remain for about 5 minutes with or without turning anything.

    Lord Bergurgle can be found at the X underwater. He's located on the top floor of the tower. The ph is on 29mins respawn. He can also get healed by the goblin around him. It's recommended to bring a high lvl pet class to solo this. The other 2 guards are on 6mins 40s respawn timer.

  2. Give Crown to Shmendrik Lavawalker in Lake Rathe to spawn Natasha Whitewater nearby - receive Oil of Fennin Ro

    See the comments of step1.  Warning: Natasha will immediately attack Shmendrik or Spirit of flame when she spawns and if she makes the last hit to Spirit of flame, the corpse will poof. so at this step, you need Root/CC Natasha first, after looted the Damaged crown, blur Natasha then turn in.

  3. Kill Shmendrik Lavawalker to spawn A Spirit of Flame

    Shmendrik is on 3 hours respawn. This is an easier camp than Lord Berg which can easily take you more hours. No matter you turn in your Lord Bergurgle's Crown to him or not , after you slain him , the Spirit of Flame will spawn. Shmendrik spawns at the X below:

  4. Loot Damaged Goblin Crown from A Spirit of Flame (Do not let Natasha Whitewater get the last hit or the corpse will disappear)
  5. Give Damaged Goblin Crown to Natasha Whitewater -- receive Ornate Sea Shell

    As described in Step 1, multiple people can turn in their Damaged crown at same time. If you have Lord Burg's crown and going to Spawn Natasha, maybe you could @Clerics in discord. So it's possible to save some time of others.

  6. Give Ornate Sea Shell to Omat Vastsea in Timorous Deep -- receive Coral Statue of Tarew

  7. Give the Coral Statue to a Seeker in The Temple of Solusek Ro causing them to become A Plasmatic Priest

    There are several seekers present in the Temple of Ro, but only one is the correct one for the cleric epic quest. The correct seeker for the cleric 1.0 is a human male seeker located in a small throne room on the second floor; the throne room is next to #15 noted on the 2nd floor map of the Temple of Ro [1]. The 1.0 seeker spawns to the left of the dais at 9 A.M. game time, replacing a keeper, and despawns at 8 P.M game time, being replaced by a keeper again. When the Coral Statue of Tarew Marr is turned in to this seeker he will attack. Fight him in the hallway to avoid unwanted adds. Once killed he will respawn again within several minutes if it's still daytime.

  8. Kill A Plasmatic Priest in The Temple of Solusek Ro and loot Blood Soaked Plasmatic Priest Robe

    A target for the Cleric Epic Quest spawned by giving a specific a seeker (330, 40, 30) a Coral Statue of Tarew. He is KOS to everybody and will immediately attack. Casts Complete HealReckoningAnnul Magic, and Word Divine which is a PBAE that can affect mobs around the priest causing them to attack him which could result in the quest being failed, and so he is often fought away from mobs usually at the zoneline. He does not have particularly impressive resists, but he does summon. This fight is easy with a small group of 60s.Will despawn if not engaged within 10 minutes.

    note: Blood Soaked Plasmatic Priest Robe is tradeable. So you can bring your mains (pet class) to do the steps above and xfer the robe  to your cleric after this step.

  9. Give the Robe to Omat Vastsea –- receive Orb of Frozen Water (This spawns Natasha inside the hut, It is suggested you wait to turn in until you have Lord Gimblox's Signet Ring)

    You can find Omat and Natasha here. Ohmat is outside the hut, Natasha is inside. there are 2 underwater tunnels in the way, bring your EB and Levi gears.

Orb of Clear Water

  1. Loot Lord Gimblox's Signet Ring from Lord Gimblox in Solusek's Eye

    You can find Lord Gimblox here:

  2. Give Lord Gimblox's Signet Ring to Natasha Whitewater in Timorous Deep –- receive Ornate Sea Shell(no 2)

    To Spawn this Natasha in TD, you need turn in your Blood Soaked Plasmatic Priest Robe to Ohmat usually. but it's not mandatory. it's possible to do the turn in to a Natasha spawned by someone else(what ever the steps others are on ,just need to be in the TD). But keep this in mind , the turn in of Signet ring at this stepp WILL DESPAWN Natasha. So if you are piggy back on other clerics, pls hold your ring tightly and double check if other cleric has done their turnins already. only do this at last. bc this will make Natasha despawn. for example, You can do this when some other cleric doing the turn in of Step 6 below. it's the same Natasha needed for Step2.

  3. Give Ornate Sea Shell(no 2) to Naxot Deepwater in Burning Woods - receive Message to Natasha (This spawns Ixiblat Fer)

    Naxot can be found at X below and wiki says it will despawn when turn ins the Sea shell. but it's not true. we did killed a row of Ixiblat of 2 or 3 last time. The trick is to root or cc Naxot when Ixiblat spawns to prevent him from attacking Ixiblat. then Naxot wont die to it. we can do another turn in after one Ixiblat dies.

  4. Loot Sceptre of Ixiblat Fer from Ixiblat Fer in Burning Woods

    Ixiblat can be found at X below. He hits very hard (quad 600ish) and has some fire AOE, but can be snareable and preslowed if you only have knights tanking him.  You will need help from guild, coordinate with raid leaders ahead. 3 groups with a few clerics are enough for this.

  5. Loot Singed Scroll from Overking Bathezid in Chardok

    Guild events too. the Scroll is MQable.

  6. Give Sceptre of Ixiblat Fer and Singed Scroll to Omat Vastsea -– receive Orb of Clear Water (This spawns Natasha inside the hut)

Orb of Vapor (Classic)

  1. Give Message to Natasha (Received when spawning Ixiblat Fer) to Natasha Whitewater in Timorous Deep –- receive Shimmering Pearl*

    Doing this turn in WILL NOT despawn Natasha. So you can piggy back on other cleric who's doing the Sceptre and Scroll turn in or the robe turn in. this Natasha will despawn after about 5minutes (need confirmation and update).

    Literally one Scroll turn in or a robe turn in = a lot of Pearls. You will have to do the Ixiblat kills respectively still , bc of the Sceptre is still in need of get our orb of clear  water in the future.

  2. Give Shimmering Pearl to Zordak Ragefire in Nagafen's Lair -- causes him to repop as Zordakalicus Ragefire and attack you - kill and loot Heart of Zordak Ragefire

    this part is a little complicated and the strategy here are copied from @Arkis @Narbin etc...

    When Ragefire (Human male NPC in Naggy lair) spawns you as a cleric(or driver) need to do the following steps
    1)  Random 1000
    2) If you win, turn in Shimmering Pearl to the NPC
    3) This will make him KoS... you can survive probably somehow (run away immediately after the turn in, root CC him etc), or maybe just die there and get rez later.
    4) Batphone 7-days we won Ragefire, it will spawn. We have 30mins to finish this event, otherwise it becomes FFA encounter to all guilds. yes, you will lose your RF heart loot right sadly in that case.
    5) Kill the KoS human -> This spawns Ragefire
    6) Kill the dragon form Ragefire.

    For the step 2.1 here, there are 20 seconds limitation from the npc spawned. You MUST roll within 20s, or you will be disqualified. this is a server rule. To make it as quick as possible, here's some suggestion

    1)We suggest that you make a Gina Trigger, the key words are "It could have been any number from 0 to 1000" --- this means someone else is rolling 1000 , make it to trigger some audio alarms, it will be helpful. and don't do any troll rolls when socking Ragefire. 
    2)Make a hotkey with command /random 1000. this will save you about 1 second for the roll.

  3. Give Heart to Omat Vastsea – receive Orb of Vapor (Do NOT do this until ready to turn all orbs into Jhassad, as this step spawns Jhassad for the final turn in)

Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh

  1. Give Orbs (Clear Water / Frozen Water / Vapor) to Jhassad Oceanson in Timorous Deep -- receive Orb of Triumvirate (This spawns the Avatar of Water in the lake)

    This is step is MQable. Usually when guild LCed a heart to one cleric, the winner in RF socking need to turn in the Orb of Vapor to Jhassad first(Due to server rule, only the winner of RF rolls can loot the heart). then the cleric who's getting the rez stick will turn in his Orb of clear/frozen water.

  2. Give Orb of Triumvirate to Avatar of Water –- receive Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh

Part 3. Guild Policy for Cleric Epics at this Era.

  1. A project named Fairy Dust is ongoing. The discord channel can be found under Leadership chat.. any one who want or need help on cleric epics can participate here in this channel.

    Project Fairy Dust channel ID https://discord.gg/z9DTtdTk 

  2. The Policy of this project

    Regarding the previous policy:
    This policy shall sunset the Bergurgle/Gimblox DKP Policy for bots, but will offer a flat 10 DKP Bonus for a ring attained on a guild bot (Availability TBA)
    Ragefire Updates:
    1) End timecard "tracking" DKP incentive.
    2) Add a 20 DKP bonus for making an eligible Ragefire (RF) roll on a cleric that is declared as Loot Council (LC).
    3) Add bidding eligibility component for the winning roller for that Ragefire.
    Policy Details:
    1) If your cleric is declared as LC any RF roll you or another person playing your toon makes within the roll window will award that player 20dkp. 
    2) Players in Naggy's Lair on a roll eligible cleric (self-owned or otherwise) may bid on loot from DKP events happening elsewhere. Normal bidding rules apply. Players may also receive DKP for events if they message the log taker when the event logs are being taken.
    3) Winning the roll on a cleric allows the winning player (not owner of the cleric) to bid unrestricted on the drops from that Ragefire for any tagged character on their roster.  Yes, this means you may bid on a CoF for your level 25 rogue as if they were a Knight.
    4) Bots are always flagged as LC.
    5) Flagging LC. A ragefire eligible cleric may declare their toon as an "LC" in #projectfairydust prior to a roll. They will remain LC until they announce intent otherwise, prior to a roll and only when on their own toon (cannot announce a change while someone else is driving)

    link is here  https://discord.com/channels/622836236952010762/828808396618072104/834872905488924742

  3. Loot Council Declared Characters: 
    Fujack (Owner Foojack)
    Revaustt (Owner Revaustt)
    Fradolcino (Owner Fradolcino)
    Henchone ( Owner Cerate/Stu)
    Dalink (Owner Dalink)

          link is here https://discord.com/channels/622836236952010762/828808396618072104/834879084751224843

Part 4. Cleric Epic owner in Kingdom

Congratulations to all our Epic owners, Ragefire Roll Winners for MQ and LC clerics. You are the life force of Kingdom (quite literally) and your hard work is always appreciated!  

  1. Narbin (1st kingdom cleric epic)
  2. Resurrector
  3. Psiron
  4. Azyon
  5. Kincakes
  6. Fradolcino
  7. Revaustt
  8. Naboru
  9. Jagar
  10. Sparklegem
  11. Dalink
  12. Tassleholf
  13. Hylight
  14. Abso
  15. Reso
  16. Bridgett
  17. Senojxela
  18. Aurorea
  19. Aliisza
  20. Neeroy

    Huge thank you to our LC roll winners (even for bots) who MQ'd their heart!

    Deecu, Reso, Narbin, Kincakes, Solaire, Flinkaye

    And another HUGEEEE Thank you to all of you who have helped pilot and roll for all our clerics! We couldn't do it without you! 


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