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Lord Nagafen


Lord Nagafen

  • Raid Rules
    • Lord Nagafen
    • Zone: Nagafen’s Lair
    • Translocate Allotment: Galach outline No COTH/Gate/Shadow Step
    • Run Speed Consideration(s): sow max
    • Location of Engagement: Tranix lair furthest
    • Additional Rule Consideration: Galach Outlined - Race from Lavastorm entrance.
    • Additional Notes: Galach outlined - If you are XP’ing in zone, you must physically zone out before helping at all with the engage
  • Special Abilities
    • Dragon Roar, Fear, -150MR, 18s duration, 36s recast
    • Lava Breath, PBAE DD/Dispel, 0 Fire, 500dd dispel (1), 12s recast
    • Banishes any player over level 52 engaged. (Necro’s over 52 can FD and send in pet)
  • General Encounter Strategy
    • Generally Lord Nagafen is not an instant FTE target unless all giants on the way to Lord Nagafen are down. Work up towards the lair following the red line, once at four-way you will plan the engagement. If Magi Rokyl is up, pull Magi Rokyl out of the lair and burn down immediately. Listen to raid leaders to burn down or kite other Fire Giants if up. Clerics stand out of line of sight to avoid AOE, if possible tank in #3 and heal from #4 on the map below. 
    • Bark pots for all melee and tanks required. Get junk buffs in top slots as much as possible since he dispels and re-apply after each fire AOE. 
    • Always go under the bridge at #2 unless it is already confirmed all fire giants are down.
  • Race
    • Levitate is required to get up this lava ledge
    • Preferred tank spot
    • Cleric/healer standing spot (Behind wall, not in lava -- can heal and avoid fear/AOE by being out of line of sight)
  • Example Race Runs/Kills:
    • Not a racer, but great display of the route
    • Looking for more race videos!


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