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  • Raid Rules
    • Zone: Emerald Jungle
    • Translocate Allotment: not allowed
    • Run Speed Consideration(s): Galach outline Spirit of Wolf Maximum Speed
    • Location of Engagement:
    • Galach Outlined - Start line: At the Field of Bone zone line (see blue start line)
    • Galach Outlined - Must pull with your FTE To Trak Teeth or FOB zone line.
  • Spawn Point: ~ (2600, 3400)
  • Special Abilities
    • Dragon Roar, Fear, -150MR, 18s duration, 36s recast
    • Ceticious Cloud, 600dd + Stun, 0 PR, 8s Stun, (30s recast?)
    • Dragon Charm, Charm, 0 MR, 15s recast (Sev will not cast while he has a pet out!)
  • General Encounter Strategy
    • Severilous is a heavily coveted raid dragon and will always be an instant FTE race due to his Green Dragon Scales used for Warrior epics. Severilous is a very easy dragon to kill once in your camp, but the FTE race and pull is a long process.
    • Normal dragon recommendations, bark pots for all melee, stack MR to attempt to resist fear and fully buff/wear PR where can to resist the poison AOE.
    • Pull and kill at TT/EJ zoneline.
  • Race
    • Invisible wall on the west side of the zone here, be careful not to hit it!
    • Sev spawns at ~ 2600, 3400 and roams NE from there (more N than E)
    • After FTE, pull straight south to the wall then east to Trakanon’s Teeth ZL
  • Example Race Runs/Kills


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