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  • Raid Rules
    • Zone:Skyfire Mountains
    • Translocate Allotment: Not allowed
    • Run Speed Consideration(s): Galach outline Spirit of Wolf Maximum Speed
    • Location of Engagement:
    • Galach Outline - Start line: At the Burning Woods (-3898, 2030) or Overthere zone lines (top of the ramp).
    • Galach Outline - Must pull with your FTE & not kite
  • Spawn Point: (3287, 1824)
  • Special Abilities
    • Dragon Roar, Fear, -150MR, 18s duration, 36s recast
    • Immolating Breath, 500DD + 100/tick dot, 0 FR, 12s recast
    • Dragon Charm, Charm, 0 MR, 15s recast
  • General Encounter Strategy
    • Talendor is another Kunark dragon located in Skyfire Mountains which is pretty easily killed and handled. Like all dragons, bark pots for all tanks and melee is recommended in order to counter his fear. 
    • Talendor, like Severilous is a very long FTE and pull.
    • Talendor’s AOE is a very long duration and has no cure -- it is recommended to keep your top buff slot open and to carry mage Staff of Runes to dispel yourself of the Immolating Breath.
    • After FTE, Talendor is generally pulled along the wall to the Overthere zone line to be killed.
  • Race
    • Spawns and roams north, then all around the zone
  • Example Race Runs/Kills


Copied following from @Godsend

"4700 1800 was the point he was fte’d at, map your lines"

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