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How to: OBS Installation & Setup

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OBS Installation & Setup by race 10 class 13 Infedel

OBS has a ton of features designed for people using it for streaming which is beyond the scope of what I'll cover here. This guide will cover the basics of setting up OBS to record EQ during raids, etc.

File Cropping Software
You'll need to edit the video after OBS, here are two free programs that are easy.
Avidemux: http://avidemux.sourceforge.net/
Handbrake: https://handbrake.fr/

Get OBS from https://obsproject.com/download (direct download: v24.0.3)

Sources Setup
The first step is to setup the sources you want OBS to record. You need to set it up to capture the EverQuest window. If you don't have EQ running yet, launch it now.

Click the "+" button at the bottom left of the sources window and choose "Window Capture":

Window Capture

On the window that pops up create a new source (I call it "P99") and click "OK":

create/select source

This opens a new window that lets you choose the window to capture from. You want to choose the "EverQuest" window. If you're unsure just scroll through them and when you get the right one EverQuest will appear in the window:

Window Capture

Should show EQ now in window.

Replay Buffer Setup

The next step is to setup a replay buffer. The replay buffer is equivalent to nVIDIA ShadowPlay or AMD ReLive: it continuously records the screen in the background, letting you hit a hotkey to save the last X minutes of your screen to disk when needed.

To enable the replay buffer, click "Settings" from the bottom right corner of the main OBS window. Select the "Output" tab on the left, and then check "Enable Replay Buffer" in the "Recording" group:

Output settings

You can now enter the maximum replay time you want it to record, and the maximum amount of RAM you are prepared to let OBS use to hold the temporary recording. I use a 1200 second buffer (= 20 minutes) which I leave running 24/7 while playing. I know I can then just save the buffer off after a pull, or seeing some shady business, and know that the entire thing will have been captured.

Finally, set a hotkey to save the current buffer to disk by selecting the "Hotkeys" tab on the left, and then picking a hotkey for "Save Replay" in the "Replay Buffer" group. I use CTRL + ALT + S:

Hotkey setting

Note that hotkeys will only work in game if you launch OBS as an administrator (Right click the OBS shortcut and choose "Run as Administrator"). If you do not do this you have to change to the OBS window and push the hotkey for it to take effect - doing it from P99 will be ignored.

Starting the Replay Buffer

The replay buffer does not start automatically - each time you restart OBS you need to manually enable it. Either assign a hotkey to "Start Replay Buffer", as per the above instructions, or click on "Start Replay Buffer" button in the bottom right corner of the main OBS window. The "start recording" button does not have to be clicked.

When you have a buffer segment you want to save, use the hotkey you set up earlier and the last 20 minutes (or whatever you set as the buffer time) will save into your video folder.


Good job,Chai. my new SSD hard drive was just arrived. im starting to install this OBS now :D

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