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Strategy: Venril Sathir

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Venril Sathir

  • Raid Rules
    • Zone: Karnor’s Castle
    • Translocate Allotment: not allowed
    • Run Speed Consideration(s): Sow max
    • Location of Engagement: Must kill in lair or pit.
    • Galach Outlined - He must be pulled to his lair or pit.
    • Galach Outlined - If you are past the zone line, you can’t help on the encounter at all. You must choose beforehand to either XP or kill Venril Sathir before he spawns.

  • Special Abilities
    • Deadly Lifetap, 1500dd lifetap, -200 MR, Proc’d on 50% of melee hits

  • General Encounter Strategy
    • Venril Sathir is an instant-engage possible target, although it is somewhat rare. The only hard part of this fight is his melee proc’d lifetap for 1500 damage. This will only proc on melee hits therefore an evasive tank is strongly recommended. It is also recommended your tank uses a two-handed slow weapon in order to minimize ripostes.
    • Aggro management is the #1 thing on VS. DO NOT PULL AGGRO OFF THE TANK. VS can be nearly dead and if a rogue or melee pull aggro and flip him and he lifetaps the whole raid, he will likely fully heal.
    • Due to his Lifetap, Venril Sathir’s damage output is extremely spikey, it is heavily recommended you do not duck any heals during this fight. Further, a Rune chain with enchanters is a common-practice in order to attempt to stabilize the tanks hp.
    • Pets are discouraged from being used on VS. Only use pets if absolutely necessary. 

  • Race
    • VS has two general race routes for an instant-engage, red being the faster of the two but requires a rogue to be pick-locking the door at #1.
    • Locked door

  • Example Race Runs/Kills


Some notes from tank angle :

1. Tank make sure get both Bedlam and Rune V from enchanters before engage. Dont engage at all if there's no enchanter. Swap to a 2hd as this guide mentioned above.

2. FTE VS. Puller start to bring it to main room.

3. Tank start Evisive Disc immediately when seeing the FTE message. 3minutes is longer enough to cover whole fight.

4. Enc start rune chain immediately when seeing the FTE message too. this is to make sure rune chain land in time. if something happen to the 1st enchanter such as LD or whatever, then 2nd chanter can have time to cast instead of 1st before tank dies. (this is like how CCH should do too, CCH usually start when Boss is OTW, not after boss is in camp)

5. war tank dump mallet charges , ideally 2 or more. bc Tank has runes ,it's possible to cast while fighting VS.

6. DPS in without using any proc weapon.

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