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Of Mice and Mayo


Taco Tuesday

News this week be just like your chips and salsa, I'ma double dippin'! Look, we've got a lot to celebrate. Being a leap year, Cinco de Mayo happens to fall just one day after Star Wars Day, May the Fourth!

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Kingdom

Classicly Classy Classic

Ah, remember 1999? A simpler a time. I especially remember October 1st, 1999, the day both PoH and Temple of SolRo released and /lists were removed. Oh, what a day that was!

Resident P99 Wiki Master, race 0 class 4 Nougat, has been hard at work getting things up-to-snuff with the new releases, but who could have expected all this?

[Fri May 01 17:00:19 2020 - CST] Deep within the lava in the north, an unknown temple has been discovered. Elsewhere, a wave of terror has settled over a forest, replacing the calm and peacefulness with an unexplained hatred. Powerful items have been recovered from the depths of Guk, Najena, and Cazic-Thule, and have been hidden away.

The P99 Forums certainly were not prepared:

Server ruined. I quit! Not classic! You've ruined your own (Blue) lands, you won't ruin my (Green) ones! Roegan killed my child(hood)!

- P99 ForumQuesters

A lot to digest here and so far we only scratched the surface of Hate, so let's make like race 3 class 10 Kreepjack and attack it from the rear...


With the removal of such classic items as icon Manastone, icon Rubicite Breastplate, and icon Guise of the Deceiver, many, including race 2 class 6 Lemmyy have not known what to do with themselves. Luckily, there's an app for that...

<Kingdom> Presents



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You're welcome.

Burning Quest(ion)s

During the Age of Turmoil, a temple was built in honor of Solusek Ro in the Lavastorm Mountains.  Within the temple were members of almost every race, all devoted to the Burning Prince.  They offered rare items and elaborate class-based armor to any who visited the temple.  During this era, there was also a cult of necromancers led by Marnek Jaull who devoted their lives to Ro.  Jaull is credited with many of the arcane spells that are learned by the spellcasters of Norrath to this day.  He summoned an army of undead, called the Burning Dead, and set out on a mission to spread the word of Ro.  His army was eventually defeated by the Knights of Prexus from Erudin, though they lost their leader, Toran Neshal.

With the opening of the Temple of Solusek Ro, many rushed to see what goods they may acquire. To be frank, I haven't been able to keep track, so if you scored something awesome, be sure to drop it in the comments. Special shoutout to race 7 class 10 Kailynn on server first icon Burning Rapier!

But My Gut is Also Very Hungry...

That brings us right back to Hate which you can read about in the previous post from way back yesterday.

The hero we don't deserve

Enjoy your Taco Tuesday all! See you in Hate starting Thursday!


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