• Monday, 15. August 2022 18:39

Kingdom Hasn't Forgotten About Epics!


As much as Kingdom loves killing everything on the continent of Velious, we recently took a brief break to return to Kunark to help some of our Clerics get a critical piece for their epic quests: the icon Singed Scroll.  Our forces assembled in Chardok:

Entering Chardok

And ... after a few issues with recent pathing changes ... we made our way to the Overking himself:

Killing Overking

Where we (of course) quickly dispatched him:

Dead Overking

Great job Kingdom and congratulations to Mitchel on his epic piece (and good luck to him at the Ragefire roll)!

We still have more members who need this piece though, so get ready to return to Chardok sometime soon to help get even more Kingdom clerics Epic-ed!


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