• Monday, 4. July 2022 17:44

Lord of the Ring of the Avatar of Wars


Gettin' Wretched

What better way to Ring in September than smashing Kingdom's first Ring War?

Grats race 13 class 6 Venpunch on icon Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV !

race 8 class 8 Pallordawn - icon Narandi's Lance

race 2 class 11 Putts - icon Crown of Narandi

race 1 class 7 Ilxoxll - icon Eye of Narandi

race 7 class 1 Lyricul - icon Faceguard of Bentos the Hero

race 7 class 16 Dahlea - icon Choker of the Wretched

Excuse me, just gonna grab that right Mmow...

race 5 class 14 Pacatus accessed the situation, applied his strategic knowledge, and identified our disadvantage.

With this new strategic knowledge, Mmmow jumped into action and secured YASFTE (Yet-Another-Statue-First-to-Engage). We quickly dispatched this foe and sung the praises of Mmmmow. 

So then we gathered up all our might, and prepared for our prized Avatar of War! How hard could it be?

Ohf. Depop. See ya next week!


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