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Month of May


Hail All!

We've had a busy month filled with so many great kills and loots!

In the Plane of Growth: A grove filled with animals and sprites. These inhabitants are hostile to those who would oppose the Tunarian council.  

Tunare1-May  Tunare2-May

Within the Temple of Veeshan: Three wings so dutifully named, conquering them means conquering the dragons within...

Doze-May  Tov-May


In the caverns of Kael'Drakkel: Where stalagtites drip to stalagmites, mighty giants intend to rid the lands of their short enemies.

A dwarf sits on his throne in Icewell Keep: Only to be lured out and beaten in melee combat. We take his head as a trophy.


Through the mazes of Skyshrine: Wyverns and golems cannot keep our force from dropping in and defeating their city leader.


All evil, beware... for Kingdom will be back next month!

Zlandi-May  CT-May

Klandi  Draco-May


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