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Innoruuk - The Prince of Hate

The Father of Vengeance. The Prince of Hate. The Black Heart of Norrath. The Vanquished Adversary of <Kingdom>!

A hasty entry, a clean engage, a powerful spankin' and another God of Norrath slain.

Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate, before his emo phase

Grats race 2 class 6 Resilak on !

Innoruuk vs Cazic-Thule

Credit virginvschad

Sad, Sad Songs

Godly angst still needs a theme song and the Prince of Hate loves his #1 Fall Out Boy, Maestro of Rancor.

Once a mortal named Vedel Revnold, the Maestro of Rancor is now a twisted, evil being residing on the Plane of Hate, replaying his legendary haunting symphony for all eternity, echoing mournful chords across much of the plane. His hatred for all around him (even for Innoruuk himself), is secondary only to his hatred for himself.

The Maestro has a pallor of embalmed blue, with fangs, claws, and soulless eyes — he bears only a superficial resemblance to his former self. Still, his dress is that of a wealthy nobleman, with bright pants and a high-collared, flowing cape. If anyone approaches the Maestro, he attacks immediately and mercilessly; he has no desire for conversation, for he wants only to play his music and to lament in despair until the end of time for his horrible crime.

Having enough of his organ based butt-rock, we put a quick end to that nonsense.



bad loot

bard loot

bad bard loot

bad bard lute

bad lute

Grats race 8 class 1 Suaven on AND !

Hate Complete! Hey Galach, when Sky?

Thin White Lines

Being the First Natural Spawns of the month, Naggy, Vox, Dracoliche, and CT were all Server Wide Inclusive Raiding targets. (Dunno what that is? Check it out here!)

P99 Green Server Wide Raid Cazic Thule

So much loot was had by all! <Kingdom> and our friends scooped up some major scores. Grats to all and feel free to post your loots in Comments below!

Alt Right

Oh, Brothers

Asca - Robe of the Lost Circle

Q-Z and all our Monks in between been racking up those s! Congrats! And if you haven't gotten yours yet, better hurry! Only one year left till you can use it.


Operation Hot Mom

My army training tells me this is going to be a hot mission. Why not join Operation Hot Mother? Apply today!

To all the mothers and Motherboys, Happy Mother's Day from all of us at <Kingdom>!


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