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Not All Heroes


A Cycle of Hate

With our eyes on the Sky, we continue to perpetuate our cycle of Hate. It's going... purdy well...

Are masks mandatory if you have no face?

Cazic Thule Kill

Nothing like exposure therapy to conquer your Fears

Loot eventicon69Cazic Thule (Dracoliche/CT Batphone & Kill - 07/10/2020), 07.10.20

icon Crimson Robe of Alendine - race 5 class 4 Shaiyaen, 260 DKP
icon Bone Razor - race 3 class 10 Hunq, 130 DKP

Loot eventicon63Dracoliche (Dracoliche Kill - 07/17/2020), 07.17.20

icon Bone Razor - race 3 class 10 Kreepjack, 20 DKP

Loot eventicon69Cazic Thule (Cazic Thule Kill - 07/17/2020), 07.17.20

icon Soul Leech, Dark Sword of Blood - race 10 class 11 Juiblex, 0 DKP

Loot eventicon63Dracoliche (Dracoliche Kill - 07/19/2020), 07.19.20

Loot eventicon69Cazic Thule (Cazic Thule Kill - 07/19/2020), 07.19.20

icon Staff of the Earthcrafter - race 7 class 16 Lahneor, 30 DKP
icon Withered Totem of Widdershins - race 10 class 12 Pazbaz, 35 DKP

He's Not Wrong


He's Wrong

Ramal Ports

Plucked from the Vine

Hate pulling is hard work. Really wears you out sometimes. Happens to the best of us, and race 2 class 6 Resilak.

Hate Nap

Windows 9(to)5

Windows this weekend are gross. If you're a member, check out the Calendar and Spawn Windows.

Wonder if there is a method to modify these windows?

GameShark It!

Open Door Policy

We've built out additional infrastructure to support the Server Wide UN Inclusive Raids. We hope to see you first cycle of every month! They are only getting better and better. You can catch up on past events and check out the Windows (when they are known) on our new page:



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