• Sunday, 2. October 2022 05:54

"our news is 13 days old on the site nuuuu" - Cothatanii


He's right, though, we're overdue for an update. Plus, we're in the business of not making tanii sad, and business has been booming.

Here are some ways we haven't made tanii sad recently:

We went ahead and bagged our first ST key (GRATS NARBIN!) courtesy our old friend, LTK. Like literally old. Is this elder abuse? Probably.

We continued the streak of abuse by sending King Tormax (via sexy FTE from Sauwer/Rebale) to the nether realm:

Rolled the dice to see if Sev was worth the while (spoiler alert: yup):

Watched Pyrrh pick on someone not-her-own-size:

Made whoever the triplets' mom is very sad by whacking Cek and Sev (wait, is that LTK again? Wow, we are doing some really messed up stuff in this temple):

Got some cool stuff from Eashen that'll age like wine:

Showed Dagarn who the real destroyers are:

Enjoyed the delicacy of a double Manna Robe Trak (what does it mean?!?!):

Watched in awe as Basket Hands, Best Shadow Knight on the Server (not subjective), masterfully tanked yet another Lady Vox:

Took a quick jaunt over to Jorrleag:

Had a saucy late night rendezvous with Aary:

Snagged ourselves some tasty epics:

Finished some Doze loot (grats terps & Pacatus!):

A couple ring wars, like the one we're doing right now! As I write this! (don't tell anyone I was writing this while we were doing ring war pls):

And uh.... did I mention we SPAT IN THE FACE OF A GOD?!?!

Led to victory by our fearless tanii, after which he was definitively not sad:

Like I said. Business is boomin.

Also we got Lockjaw rawrrrrr

Not to mention Ikatiar the Venom, Statue, Silverwing, Hoshkar, Phara Dar, Druushk, Xygoz, Nexona, another Trakanon, a few Vindis, several Fear 2.0 golems, some triggered Fays, some Undead Bards, and a couple broken golems.

God we do a lot of stuff. Wanna come do some stuff with us? Come do some stuff with us.


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