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Practice Makes Perfect


This month we are looking at Kingdom's many avenues for constant improvement! As a progression guild, we enjoy the process of perfecting an encounter by growing our players to contest raid targets more efficiently, respond to meta or ruleset changes, and complete our progression charts.

We're getting close to having kills on all of the available P99 targets (see our Classic, Kunark, and Velious Progression on the taskbar to the right) and have our eyes on many goals to continue to challenge ourselves in the raiding scene.

How do we do that? Well ...


Different encounters require different raid compositions. Having our members comfortable on multiple roles is what secures us our target! We believe it to be very important that anyone can pick up and play these crucial roles.

These workshops are outlined and run by our seasoned EQ veterans. This carefully curated information, combined with a strong force of shared characters, allow our members to swap characters to fill in what is needed for us to be successful. 

Here are some of our recent workshop sessions and the experts behind them:

  • Quad Trainout Training (Eratanii, Pwrhousse, Jumo, and Pyrrh)
  • Clean/Dirty Tagging (Asca, Calcium, Erser, Anarke)
  • OBS Intro/Overview (Vanitee)

Weekly Practice - Hosted and Organized by Anarke, Totie, and Pacatus.

Our impressively low number Sontalak kill was heavily reliant on the practices we held leading up to it.

Our constant improvements on Vulak preparations have dramatically increased our chances of a successful engage and kill.

OBS/Raid Review - Everyone

Recordings of our faults as well as our premium play-making abilities. Our members and leadership alike take pride in reviewing all aspects of our raiding.

These reflections make it possible for adjustments to our strategies, improvements in communication, and overall understanding of the encounter so everyone is on the same page. They also provide a basis of what workshops the guild is currently focused on.

If you or a friend are interested in raiding Classic Everquest content, then look no further!

Even if you forgot some encounters or are new to some meta changes, we have plenty of guidance to get you up to speed. Send us an application right now!


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