• Saturday, 1. April 2023 22:39

Quake-o-rama in the Kingdom


It was a busy week in the Kingdom, with a full 7D cycle plus a Quake!

On this week's edition of Week-at-a-glance, we accomplished the following:

  • Made a run at Zlandicar
  • Fear: Terror, Fright, Dracoliche
  • King Tormax
  • Trakanon
  • Dagarn, Sevelak, Ikiator, Aary, Feshlak, Koi, Telk, Lady M - FTK
  • -AHOY-
  • VP - Silverwing, Druushk, Hoshkar, Nexona, Xygoz
  • Lord Vyemm 20%
  • First contest for Vulak


  • King Tormax
  • Yelinak FTK (congrats Kincakes!!!)
  • Cazic Thule
  • Dozekar, Eashen, Aarynar, Lord Kreizen, Lady M
  • Vox & Nagafen
  • VP - Hoshkar, Silverwing, Phara Dar, Druushk

EPIC FRONT: Huge Congrats to Decible, Zignar, Macigus, Damaddar


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