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The week of the Midnight Quake


Our 7-Day summary from Tues 9/21-9/28

Kingdom started the week off strong with a Statue of Rallos Zek win, followed by a strong improvement in our Avatar of War engage getting him to 52%. Good times and we are hopeful for our next opportunity!

We continued to key up our VP loving members with a fun contested Trakanon, where he died in less than 30 seconds. We also do a weekly speed-run through the Plane of Sky for not only big Island 6+ drops, but also to help gear up our alternate toons. I wonder what our next speed record will be for completing the zone ...

As the 7D windows opened, we took down Telkorenar and then Innoruuk (my personal favorite kill of the week obviously... ! With thanks to Cothsum for getting 3 first-swing hammer procs in a row to establish our good luck streak.)  A Kingdom FIRST TIME KILL on Zlexak was accomplished ....

 .... and then just as we were about to fade away to bed,....


Our sleep-deprived quake stupor found us success on --- Statue, Kelorek'Dar, Dozekar, Gozzrem ..... (shortly after which, it became actual bedtime.)

Veeshan's Peak was a full sweep with Silverwing, Hoshkar, Phara Dar, Druushk, Xygoz, and (later) Nexona.

In our downtime, we enjoyed the Noble in the Plane of Sky and many HOT Minis. We spent a great deal of time farming armour drops in the Halls of Testing, and also managed to knock out our backlog of Chardok Royals for our amazing Cleric squad (walking away with multiples of both the incarnadine breastplaste and the vibrating hammer of infuse.

Our daily coffee-with-vindi, nightcaps-with-vindi, desert-with-vindi took a fun turn. as we ended our week of Dragons and Gods with a Kingdom Special Event ... Vindi, Naked and Afraid in honor of our Queen-BD, Totie.

On the epic front: HUGE CONGRATS TO Aroan, Laci, Pyrrh, Aubii, Asie, Meka, MSDoc, Pfarrer


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