• Saturday, 1. April 2023 21:30

Eyes on the prize


Oh hey. It's been a minute. We've been busy.

Started off March by making the Avatar of War faceplant with a little help from our friends over at <Safe Space> (very safe), thanks to alpha male, hunter of green scale, King of Kael - Lord Rebale. He's probably losing count of his Kael FTEs by now.

It's weird having a Barbarian Bard around, but we're getting used to it.

We also got sick of Harmonying Sontalak so we decided we'd roll over 65-deep to relieve our Druids/Rangers cause we're nice like that (even to our Druids and Rangers - seriously. Apply today).

God look at that resolution. Classic AF, Perp. Classic AF.

Then we decided to pay Tunare a visit again with our friends at Castle. Does killing her twice count as farm status? I'm gonna say killing her twice counts as farm status. We have Tunare on farm status.

And we've really been enjoying watching Greywind's photography skills continue to improve (he's been getting a lot of practice).

All in all, it's been a pretty fun first 10 days of March. Crossed some targets off our list of names. Not many more to go, and they're in our sights. Kingdom will be there, one way or another. But we have one question - will you heed the call?


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