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Strategy: A Quick Guide About Trakanon Encounter --- By Arkis

28. April 2021 - written by Jumo at 10:37 • 3 Comments


Please read this if you are going to attend a Trak Encounter. If something is missing, or you have questions before or during a window, please do not hesitate to reach out in #general or #raid-review-talk or reach out via DM. 

The raid anatomy of a Trakanon engage:

  • The Kiter -- the kiter's job is to aggro Trakanon along with any juggs and the sebilite protector in the lair w/ a DA idol. As soon as they see the particle effects of the banish + AOE go out, they tell the ripper to come rip and the rest of the raid will follow. This role is not exclusive to a monk, but is best suited for an FD class as they can inch up in a competitive environment. That said, ANYONE can do it. I (Arkis) do it on my Paladin sometimes.
  • Banish Tank/Ripper -- Usually a snap tank, but can be a warrior as well. Rangers can probably work well here too if buffed and full of HP gear in the current era. This role is to rip Trakanon from the Kiter and then eat the banish so the main tank doesn't take it.
  • Main tank -- Usually a warrior, but to be honest Trakanon isn't that much of an issue for non-disc tanks if they have a way to keep themselves up or a healer that casts CE/group heals on them.
  • Dictate Enchanters -- 3 juggs can be used as DPS via Dictate against Trakanon
  • COTH Mages -- Their job is to COTH the raid force down to "Poop mountain". The mountain where the tracker mages will be. Please hug the wall!
  • Anchors -- Anchors are people who stay at the entrance to invite people to the COTH mage groups
  • Rogues -- Rogues sneak down to Trak's lair. They do not get COTH'd down. They can be the heroes that come and save the day if we engage early.

 The order of operations of a Trak engage:

  1. Trak spawns
  2. Anchors start inviting people to COTH groups
  3. People get COTH'd
  4. Once raid leader thinks we're good to go, they inform the kiter to FTE Trak.
  5. Kiter goes in, watches for AE. Calls AE
  6. Banish/Ripper tank goes in and rips Trak along with rest of raid HUGGING THE WALL to Trak.
  7. Main tanks and banish tanks grab aggro (all of them should just fight for aggro) do not let him flip as he will BLIND THE RAID.
  8. Burn him down in 1 minute 30 seconds or we lose.... ideally less

Things to keep in mind during this engage:

  • Hug the wall when moving to engage. Video below shows exactly what needs to happen and one where that didn't happen.
  • No pets before the lair
  • NEVER train Poop mountain
  • Invis yourself before you run into the lair (HUGGING THE WALL). Roamer jugs MAY see invis.
  • Tola aggroing during a Trak engage is VERY bad.
  • Have poison resist gear, DMF, poison resist buff
  • Heal yourself if you get low HP if you can... otherwise hug Trakanon.. don't get too far away or he'll bounce all around due to low HP aggro.
  • Cure yourself of poison after the fight.
  • Trakanon does blind. DO NOT PANIC.
  • If you get banished, try to heal yourself.. worst case sit down and just die to the mushroom adds... low HP aggro can cause trains onto the raid.
  • If Trakanon doesn't die under 1 minute 30 secs, it's probably a wipe.

Buffs you should have:

  • Hero/skin
  • Symbol (Pallies have DW BPs so even if you have to get a cheap symbol if clerics are OOM or busy)
  • Kragg
  • STA
  • DMF
  • Resist poison
  • Rune V (All players need this, but most important for our tanks)


Parking Map:

Related Videos: 

Banish tank PoV - Secondary banish tank (me -Arkis) helping primary banish tank (Allenon/Hylight/Burnemall) due to blindness- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5OHIWhbZ98&ab_channel=JusticiarPrime

Clean kite - by @Calcium/Basket/Xxrr/Hydrogen w/ ripper/banish tank rip - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5zy5HJnWzs

Messier engage, first matchup victory against ST - Backup kiter @Outcast/Beisht PoV picks up protector. This might be the reality of a competitive engage. Things get messy you have to think on your feet. - https://youtu.be/D60inbvGKDo?t=112

What NOT hugging the wall gets you - (watch me -- Sir Arkis Truefire -- train Tola onto the raid lols... around 0:10-0:12... still killed Trak tho lols) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is0O6rjkB7g&ab_channel=hiipii1

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