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Strategy: Venril Sathir

29. April 2021 - written by Venpunch at 17:48 • 1 Comment

Venril Sathir

  • Raid Rules
    • Zone: Karnor’s Castle
    • Translocate Allotment: not allowed
    • Run Speed Consideration(s): Sow max
    • Location of Engagement: Must kill in lair or pit.
    • Galach Outlined - He must be pulled to his lair or pit.
    • Galach Outlined - If you are past the zone line, you can’t help on the encounter at all. You must choose beforehand to either XP or kill Venril Sathir before he spawns.

  • Special Abilities
    • Deadly Lifetap, 1500dd lifetap, -200 MR, Proc’d on 50% of melee hits

  • General Encounter Strategy
    • Venril Sathir is an instant-engage possible target, although it is somewhat rare. The only hard part of this fight is his melee proc’d lifetap for 1500 damage. This will only proc on melee hits therefore an evasive tank is strongly recommended. It is also recommended your tank uses a two-handed slow weapon in order to minimize ripostes.
    • Aggro management is the #1 thing on VS. DO NOT PULL AGGRO OFF THE TANK. VS can be nearly dead and if a rogue or melee pull aggro and flip him and he lifetaps the whole raid, he will likely fully heal.
    • Due to his Lifetap, Venril Sathir’s damage output is extremely spikey, it is heavily recommended you do not duck any heals during this fight. Further, a Rune chain with enchanters is a common-practice in order to attempt to stabilize the tanks hp.
    • Pets are discouraged from being used on VS. Only use pets if absolutely necessary. 

  • Race
    • VS has two general race routes for an instant-engage, red being the faster of the two but requires a rogue to be pick-locking the door at #1.
    • Locked door

  • Example Race Runs/Kills

Strategy: A Quick Guide About Trakanon Encounter --- By Arkis

28. April 2021 - written by Jumo at 10:37 • 3 Comments


Please read this if you are going to attend a Trak Encounter. If something is missing, or you have questions before or during a window, please do not hesitate to reach out in #general or #raid-review-talk or reach out via DM. 

The raid anatomy of a Trakanon engage:

  • The Kiter -- the kiter's job is to aggro Trakanon along with any juggs and the sebilite protector in the lair w/ a DA idol. As soon as they see the particle effects of the banish + AOE go out, they tell the ripper to come rip and the rest of the raid will follow. This role is not exclusive to a monk, but is best suited for an FD class as they can inch up in a competitive environment. That said, ANYONE can do it. I (Arkis) do it on my Paladin sometimes.
  • Banish Tank/Ripper -- Usually a snap tank, but can be a warrior as well. Rangers can probably work well here too if buffed and full of HP gear in the current era. This role is to rip Trakanon from the Kiter and then eat the banish so the main tank doesn't take it.
  • Main tank -- Usually a warrior, but to be honest Trakanon isn't that much of an issue for non-disc tanks if they have a way to keep themselves up or a healer that casts CE/group heals on them.
  • Dictate Enchanters -- 3 juggs can be used as DPS via Dictate against Trakanon
  • COTH Mages -- Their job is to COTH the raid force down to "Poop mountain". The mountain where the tracker mages will be. Please hug the wall!
  • Anchors -- Anchors are people who stay at the entrance to invite people to the COTH mage groups
  • Rogues -- Rogues sneak down to Trak's lair. They do not get COTH'd down. They can be the heroes that come and save the day if we engage early.

 The order of operations of a Trak engage:

  1. Trak spawns
  2. Anchors start inviting people to COTH groups
  3. People get COTH'd
  4. Once raid leader thinks we're good to go, they inform the kiter to FTE Trak.
  5. Kiter goes in, watches for AE. Calls AE
  6. Banish/Ripper tank goes in and rips Trak along with rest of raid HUGGING THE WALL to Trak.
  7. Main tanks and banish tanks grab aggro (all of them should just fight for aggro) do not let him flip as he will BLIND THE RAID.
  8. Burn him down in 1 minute 30 seconds or we lose.... ideally less

Things to keep in mind during this engage:

  • Hug the wall when moving to engage. Video below shows exactly what needs to happen and one where that didn't happen.
  • No pets before the lair
  • NEVER train Poop mountain
  • Invis yourself before you run into the lair (HUGGING THE WALL). Roamer jugs MAY see invis.
  • Tola aggroing during a Trak engage is VERY bad.
  • Have poison resist gear, DMF, poison resist buff
  • Heal yourself if you get low HP if you can... otherwise hug Trakanon.. don't get too far away or he'll bounce all around due to low HP aggro.
  • Cure yourself of poison after the fight.
  • Trakanon does blind. DO NOT PANIC.
  • If you get banished, try to heal yourself.. worst case sit down and just die to the mushroom adds... low HP aggro can cause trains onto the raid.
  • If Trakanon doesn't die under 1 minute 30 secs, it's probably a wipe.

Buffs you should have:

  • Hero/skin
  • Symbol (Pallies have DW BPs so even if you have to get a cheap symbol if clerics are OOM or busy)
  • Kragg
  • STA
  • DMF
  • Resist poison
  • Rune V (All players need this, but most important for our tanks)


Parking Map:

Related Videos: 

Banish tank PoV - Secondary banish tank (me -Arkis) helping primary banish tank (Allenon/Hylight/Burnemall) due to blindness- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5OHIWhbZ98&ab_channel=JusticiarPrime

Clean kite - by @Calcium/Basket/Xxrr/Hydrogen w/ ripper/banish tank rip - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5zy5HJnWzs

Messier engage, first matchup victory against ST - Backup kiter @Outcast/Beisht PoV picks up protector. This might be the reality of a competitive engage. Things get messy you have to think on your feet. - https://youtu.be/D60inbvGKDo?t=112

What NOT hugging the wall gets you - (watch me -- Sir Arkis Truefire -- train Tola onto the raid lols... around 0:10-0:12... still killed Trak tho lols) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is0O6rjkB7g&ab_channel=hiipii1

Better Know a Continent - Getting to Kunark

23. October 2020 - written by Gefragschlimmer at 11:23 • 0 Comments

Maiden Voyage

Map of Kunark

Despite their discovery, the mysterious and lucrative lands of Kunark remain difficult to breach. There are four ways in which an intrepid adventurer like yourself might find themselves upon it's ancient shores:

Departure from Butcherblock Mountains

Map of Butcherblock Mountains

The ships themselves are called ferries. The ferries each can hold a large number of people, either on the top or on the inside, which you have to swim to reach. The underside is recommended for travelers who would rather stay unnoticed by the types of people who frequently walk on the docks, and are easy to get on and off of while in the water itself.

The boats pass quickly out of the local area that they are in, and enter another ocean area, the Timorous Deep. The ferries travel a short distance into this zone, at which time you need to disembark them and board the large sailing ship, the Maiden Voyage. This massive sailing ship then lowers its side sails and moves incredibly fast across the Timorous Deep, circling around an island on its way to the land of Kunark. If you stay on the boat, you will pass into the zone called Firiona Vie in Kunark.

The boat then (after a long period of time) takes you to a large beachhead area in an old Iksar waterfront area at approximately loc -2000, 1940. This area is guarded/owned by the good races, so it is reasonable that if you would be KOS on the mainland to them, the same is true here, and you should disembark shortly after coming into this area. Wolf form is also KOS here, so be careful. My suggestion would be to swim left (west) as you will cross a short waterway to the west of the docks and land on a small section of land that juts south along it. There appears to be nobody around, and you can safely move north into the rest of the zone. When returning, follow the same path and swim across the water to the leaving ferries as they head to the mainland.

Once in this land, there are many dangers that immediately confront you. The frogloks have a strong presence in the local area, and tuk warriors and the like frequent the area. Also, the vicious drachnids move silently through the forest surrounding the docks. Remember that this area has gone wild...

In Firiona Vie, the docks are in the extreme southwest portion of the zone. Note that if you are in Wolf Form, you will be KOS to the guards on the docks. Don't ask me to explain, I can't. From here you have several options. You can adventure into Firiona Vie itself, or you can proceed directly to the other nearby zone. the Lake of Ill Omen shares a spring that feeds both the lake and the small stream that leads down to near the docks. An adventurer can follow the stream to its source in the hills to the west, which will lead them to the Lake of Ill Omen area at approximately loc 1290, 3500. From there it is easy to find your way to the lands beyond.

Realize what I stated above. Only on the docks are you safe. The races of Antonica have established a beachhead, nothing more, and once you step out of sight of the nearest guard, you fall prey to the dangers of this continent. Bind yourself on the dock, if you are able, and stock up on food and water, for it may be a long time before you see friendly faces from home again...

Departure from The Oasis of Marr

Map of The Oasis of Marr

The "Barrel Barge" leaves from the dock in Oasis of Marr. This is a relatively safe spot to wait, but sometime it is visited by Sand Giants so you need to be on your toes. The Barge makes a very short trip, zoning quickly into the Timorous Deep, and then quickly arriving at an island. It then almost immediately heads back to Oasis making no other stops nor passing anything else of interest.

While the Barge is the start of the route to the Evil strong hold at The Overthere, this part of the route is safe for Good travelers. There are no NPCs at either end of the trip.

The island you arrive at is nicknamed Ogre Junction. It's a large island with a mountain on the North end, three mountains along the Southern side corner with a big sandy plane in the middle. The Barge a lands in a cove on the West side of the plane.

At the South Western end of the Island is a small Ogre settlement. The settlement consists of a few typical Ogre hunts, docks, and 15 or so Ogres, mostly warrior types. These Ogres are have the same faction as the Evil outpost in Kunark, they will let pass Evil travelers including Necromancers and Shadow Knights of any race.

In the South East corner of the Island on a beach behind the mountain is a Spiroc city. The Spiroc is a parrot race and their city looks much like the Aviak city in South Karana. Some are at least in the high 30s and they can be aggressive.

While there are a few Ogres in in the Northern mountain, and the Spiroc patrol around their city, the sandy center of the Island is uninhabited and probably a safe place to rest.

At the Junction docks a larger ship may be caught - this is at the larger dock just north of the actual village. The Bloated Belly is a huge raft made from the hull of a wrecked ship. It must be seen to be believed. Travelers not tolerated by the Ogres can probably not board the ship from the docks. However the ship is very low to the water, and it is possible to swim around and climb on. The ship has a number of barrels attached to its sides, the trick is to find one that is low in the water or at a 45 degree angle. It's easy to climb up those barrels and on to what passes for the deck. It is also possible to simple run on to it when levitating. Good travelers should be aware of the Ogres in the rocks when maneuvering for the boat.

The ship heads across the Timorous Deep passing two points of Interest. The first is a grave yard of shipwrecks which forms an island. This island is rumored to be the home of bandits. The ship actually takes in it's sail and slows as it passes the wrecks so it's possible to board there.

The second is Chess Board Island with Spirocs and Iksar outcasts. It's at about this point that the boat comes closest to the fire pot tower. If that's your destination, jump off and head more or less South. Even with the boat ride, it is still a very long swim.

Finally the ship reaches The Overthere. As soon as the boat zones, Good travelers should jump off the left side and swim to shore. Stay away from the structures on your right. The boat pauses for a few minutes before moving to the dock. Good travelers can use this opportunity to swim out to the boat for the return trip.

Once the boat starts moving again it arrives almost immediately at the dock. This is the Evil stronghold in Kunark. It's the ruins of the Iksar's Danak Shipyards. There are a number of buildings and a large open market surrounded by the remains of a great wall. The area is well guarded and should be a safe place to rest. Of note is a large open area called the Spell Vendor Pavilion, where 51+ spells for all classes may be purchased and spell quests start, a building full of clockwork merchants selling mostly trade supplies, and a bank with two clockwork bankers.

Beyond the encampment is the vast plain of The Overthere. It's probably about the size of South Karana. It is teaming with life, and is a 20-40 hunting ground. Frontier Mountains and Skyfire Mountains and Warsliks Woods all lie beyond The Overthere and the entrance to a dungeon named Howling Stones maybe be found near the center of the zone.

Timorous Trepidations

Regardless of the dock you seek, your journey to Kunark has only begun. You will need to make safe voyage across the expansive ocean of Timorous Deep.

The 2nd largest zone in all of EverQuest Trilogy (beaten only by it's western neighbor, The Iceclad Ocean), Timorous Deep can be intimidating, but also very rewarding. 

A gang of mid level Ogres, headed up by The Great Oowomp, can be raided for excellent trinkets, a cove of great importance to Druids the world over, a Yeti King who has laid claim to a frosty glacier, an island time has forgotten ruled by raptors, and even tall tales of watery dragon protecting a room of ancient magic can all be found here as two boats make their passage shuttling adventurers too and from the the lands of Kunark.

Map of Timorous Deep - Kunark

Water and Fire

In the Southwest corner of this massive ocean lies a sunken Combine Spire. The room is located at loc -12260, 4665, -277 within Timorous Deep. Those clever enough to escape the grasp of it's guardian, Faydedar, can swim down to find a room of ancient magics. In common vernacular, people refer to it as The Firepot Room. Here, the magic is so strong, one can simply touch the firepots about the room to teleport to cities across Norrath.

Teleportation to the Dreadlands

Map of The Lost Valley - The Dreadlands - Kunark

The Dreadlands is the name given to the harsh lands surrounding the ancient Karnor's Castle. The area includes an area of forest inhabited by the Drachnids, as well as the edge of a massive glacier extending down from the mountains.

Luckily for the sea-sick adventurer, the magics of the Combine Empire still persist and resonate from their fallen city. Intuitive Druids and Wizards have found and exploited this residual magic to enable teleportation from anywhere in Norrath to what is known as The Lost Valley of the Dreadlands.

The Druid and Wizard Teleportation spots are located at 2500, 7725 and 3050, 9650 respectively.

Rumor has it the ancient knowledge necessary to teleport ones fellowship to this sacred site of Combine Power has been documented and is for sale by the Gypsies of North Karana.

Druids and Wizards of the 34th level can learn this sacred knowledge after purchasing a scroll from Roule in the Northern Plains. 

  • Druid: icon Spell: Circle of the Combines
  • Wizard: icon Spell: Combine Portal

The Path of Salmonella

Sea-sick and hate to fly? You can still enjoy the sights of Kunark by simply hatching there. Herpetophobia be damned as you begin your new life as Kunark's most tenacious inhabitant, the Iksar. 

Find out more about walking the Route of Rile in our Iksar Guide (coming sometime)

Please Note: A new race on the face of Kunark is exciting indeed, that said, the number one ingredient to success in Kunark is levels. It takes even more experience to grind 51-60 as it does 1-50 so we highly encourage players that want to see the worst foes of Kunark vanquished to focus on leveling their mains before turning their attention to the cold-blooded. It's worth noting up-front, despite all their advantages, Iksars also come with an experience penalty that multiples with any class penalties as well. As their scales should make clear, the Iksar is not a path for the thin skinned.

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