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Get In My Belly!

19. April 2020 - written by Gefragschlimmer at 10:02 • 0 Comments

Belly Casting Time Boys

The powers that be have dropped a new meta changing patch on us mere mortals, and (with no surprises) have been berated for their efforts. Check it out at https://www.project1999.com/forums/showthread.php?t=356056

Kingdom After Dark

In their anger over the loss of their precious icon Red Wood Wand all the denizens we had so recently put to bed had awakened from their slumber. All the Lords of Norrath (that weren't comatose from 12 hours of very successful poopsocking) rushed to their keyboards. With much haste we brought Lord Nagafen, his star-crossed lover Lady Vox, and, once again, the Faceless God himself to rest.

Vox Server Reset Kill - Click to Enlarge

Congrats to all including our friends from <Ataskui>!

6 for 9 for the Weekend

To celebrate, there is a new style available based on everyone's favorite Erudite Lich, Miragul! Check out the Style guide here.

We can all rest easy now... Oh snap, what's that rumbling???

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