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10. May 2020 - written by Gefragschlimmer at 12:49 • 0 Comments

Get Innu'it!

Innoruuk - The Prince of Hate

The Father of Vengeance. The Prince of Hate. The Black Heart of Norrath. The Vanquished Adversary of <Kingdom>!

A hasty entry, a clean engage, a powerful spankin' and another God of Norrath slain.

Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate, before his emo phase

Grats race 2 class 6 Resilak on icon Rakusha Cloak!

Innoruuk vs Cazic-Thule

Credit virginvschad

Sad, Sad Songs

Godly angst still needs a theme song and the Prince of Hate loves his #1 Fall Out Boy, Maestro of Rancor.

Once a mortal named Vedel Revnold, the Maestro of Rancor is now a twisted, evil being residing on the Plane of Hate, replaying his legendary haunting symphony for all eternity, echoing mournful chords across much of the plane. His hatred for all around him (even for Innoruuk himself), is secondary only to his hatred for himself.

The Maestro has a pallor of embalmed blue, with fangs, claws, and soulless eyes — he bears only a superficial resemblance to his former self. Still, his dress is that of a wealthy nobleman, with bright pants and a high-collared, flowing cape. If anyone approaches the Maestro, he attacks immediately and mercilessly; he has no desire for conversation, for he wants only to play his music and to lament in despair until the end of time for his horrible crime.

Having enough of his organ based butt-rock, we put a quick end to that nonsense.



bad loot

bard loot

bad bard loot

bad bard lute

bad lute

Grats race 8 class 1 Suaven on icon Six Note Blade AND icon Evensong!

Hate Complete! Hey Galach, when Sky?

Thin White Lines

Being the First Natural Spawns of the month, Naggy, Vox, Dracoliche, and CT were all Server Wide Inclusive Raiding targets. (Dunno what that is? Check it out here!)

P99 Green Server Wide Raid Cazic Thule

So much loot was had by all! <Kingdom> and our friends scooped up some major scores. Grats to all and feel free to post your loots in Comments below!

Alt Right

Oh, Brothers

Asca - Robe of the Lost Circle

Q-Z and all our Monks in between been racking up those icon Robe of the Lost Circles! Congrats! And if you haven't gotten yours yet, better hurry! Only one year left till you can use it.


Operation Hot Mom

My army training tells me this is going to be a hot mission. Why not join Operation Hot Mother? Apply today!

To all the mothers and Motherboys, Happy Mother's Day from all of us at <Kingdom>!

How to: Installing Gina & Basic Functions

8. May 2020 - written by Nougat at 21:15 • 0 Comments

Hey team,

Gina is a third-party program that scans your character's EQ log file for keywords and phrases. The program then uses this information to display an alert text and/or timer overlay over your EverQuest client. The most common use of this program is to track the remaining duration of all your buffs. You will find that there are a ton of great uses for this program as the EQ log file tracks a lot of information. I utilize Gina to track buff duration, debuff duration, select buff duration of other players, also to yell at me when an important buff is fading, or when I fizzle a spell. If you've ever used the WoW add-on Deadly Boss Mods, it is the same idea in a lot of aspects. The trouble is, it will not be conveniently set up for you upon install. Getting started is daunting, but the goal of this quick guide is to introduce you to how simple it actually is.

Install: https://eq.gimasoft.com/gina/Download.aspx

Launch the program and here are very beginner steps to get started:

Your EQ log must be enabled for Gina to have a log to read. You can do this in game with a /log on command, or you can simply edit your eqclient.ini file to enable the log always. If you have never enabled a log for the character you are creating a Gina profile for, the first few steps won't work as there will be no existing log file. Enable logs and log on to char beforehand. To find eqclient.ini fast I will go to my EQ directory in C: (PC) and use the search feature to search ini. Change the Log= False line to True. This is what mine looks like..

1. Create a Character Profile - Select Add

2. Create a Character Profile - Select your character's EQ log file from your EQ directory. Just as in the image below, it will begin with eqlog_ then your character name and the server the character is on. If this character name is used on multiple servers, you need to be careful to select the correct Server. You also select the robot voice you want to hear when you set up a voice alert, and how the robot will pronounce your name. Your name must have a green bar behind it like you see for Nougat, Rufeth and now Boite. If it is not green, you have that Gina profile disabled. Simply click the play or stop icon beside the name.

3. Overlays - Create a text Alert Overlay - Do not jump right in to creating triggers, because you must first create the overlays that the triggers will appear in. You then position these overlays over your game in the positions you prefer them in. A buff timer overlay beside your buff bar as an example. An Alert overlay is a text based overlay. I have two; a very large and annoying important raid alert overlay, and then a more everyday overlay to tell me when I get a group invite or something more frequent. Position it to where you like and adjust the font and size to how you like.

4. Overlays - Create a Timer Overlay - A timer overlay is different from an alert overlay in that the timer will create a stopwatch to count down, or count up. The alert overlay is only for a temporary text window. A timer overlay sticks around, such as counting down until when your buff fades or for when your mesmerize is going to wear off. Position it to where you like and adjust the font and size to how you like. The example creates a buff timer overlay.

5. Categories - Create a Category - The overlays you have created must be assigned to a category in order to utilize them. Categories also allow you to custom the color of the font in your overlay message, and maybe some other things. In this example you may already have default categories from your fresh install, or you can click Add to add a new category. In the example we are making a buff category to use in the next steps. In the example I changed the font color to a light blue.

6. Triggers - Create a Trigger Group - This is where things get interesting. A trigger tells Gina what to take notice of as she scans your character's eqlog_ file. The options are endless, but let's create a trigger we all want for everyday. A buff timer. You can follow these steps to create triggers for any buff you'd like to. Let's create a trigger group folder to store the trigger under and keep things organized. A trigger group is simply for organization, like creating a new folder.

7. Triggers - Create a New Trigger - Right click in your trigger group to add a new trigger.

8. Triggers - Create a New Trigger #2 - Now fill in the information Gina will need in order to produce the result you would like. You can name it anything you'd like, however the Search Text field has to be exactly as it appears in your eqlog_ file. As an example, when you cast journeyman's boots you get the message Your feet feel quick. Type that in to Search Text. Any typo, or anything other than what appears in the log file will cause your trigger not to work.

In this window you are also setting the duration of the timer. You are setting it to Count Down (prob don't want it to count up, but maybe you're just different... edgy). I also set for this trigger to restart every time I recast jboots, and also to go away when I die or jboots fades away. Sometimes you get dispelled, and if you don't set these then your timer will continue to count down (or up you hipster) even though there is no jboot buff. When I die, I don't the jboot timer to be there rubbing it in.

It is also important to select the overlay you'd like to use. Such as the Buff overlay you just created. Otherwise you'll see nothing. You have to tell Gina what you want it to do. Where and what you want her to display. Otherwise she is simply only reading your logs and doing nothing with the info.

That is really all there is to getting a good buff and debuff timer base going. It takes time to set up, but once it's set up you really don't have to think about it again. If you are looking for buff cast or fading messages you can find them on the wikipage for that spell. The info there is mostly accurate. Sometimes the wiki is wrong and the trigger don't work. Just cast in game to get the true message.

Now that you have proper overlays setup, and have created your first trigger, the more advanced stuff will make a whole lot of sense. It will also be quicker for you to set up something like a dragon fear alert and timer. I'll share more advanced triggers in the near future, and info on how to quickly share triggers with one another. Note: A shared or downloaded trigger will not work automatically. Sharing triggers do not share timer overlay and alert overlay information. You must go in to the new trigger and assign the overlay(s) to use.

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