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Server Wide Monthly Raids

1. May 2020 - written by Gefragschlimmer at 17:11 • 0 Comments

Well met adventurer! Have you only heard tale of the legendary dragons and beasts of Norrath? Would you be so daring as to gaze into the maw of The Faceless one? Are you alienating and have few friends? Well we have some great news for you! The UN, a collaboration of guilds on the P99 Green server that work diligently to try to make life easier and better for all, cordially invites you to Server Wide Monthly Inclusive Raiding!

Get the most up-to-date information from the P99 Forums (https://www.project1999.com/forums/showthread.php?t=354263

For those that are not privy to the green server UN. This Proposal passed and will be in effect until Kunark released. The first open raid would be the first natural spawn starting 05-01-20. Thank you again for the green guilds voting this in. I believe this will allow smaller guilds and players with less playtime to experience the end game content with an opportunity to get unobtainable loot. We will look at new proposals when Kunark is close to coming out.

Proposal 37 - Server Wide Monthly Raid

The first Lady Vox/Lord Nagafen/CT/Draco to pop naturally each month will be killed with a server wide open raid.

Any guild interested in hosting the event will have a chance to. We can rotate raid leadership between any guild that wants the duty.

All loot will be distributed via /random to everyone in attendance.

Once a player wins an item via /random that players guild has the right to distribute the item internally via their loot system

The server first innoruuk/maestro will be an open raid (already policy). The following month the first Innoruuk/maestro of the month will be FFA. The month after the first natural pop of the month of Innoruuk/maestro will also be an open raid as will all moving forward.

If this proposal is voted in then future proposals during the classic era that include bag limits or rotated mobs will require unanimous approval of guilds from the UN.
No proposal in classic era will limit a guilds participation of 7 day dragons outside of the UN disciplinary system.

Guilds will rotate leading the clear via alpha rotation (starting with a /random roll by guild leaders or representatives).

When a raid target spawns a “batphone” message will be sent out via the Green P99 discord. The raid force has a minimum of 30 minutes to gather after this “batphone” is sent out for all targets except for Vox. A Vox engage force will have 45 minutes to gather before the raid begins. If an outside entity is contesting a target the open raid may engage early.

Any entity that contests the server on one of these raids will be ineligible to roll at an open raid for 60 days.

See below for Amendments

37.4) Must be level 46 or higher to roll on any open raid.

37.5) Upon each open raid in Plane of Hate (first of each month open Innoruuk & Maestro), each attendee must bring 50p for the cost of the component or their own Fuligan Soulstone of Innoruuk to port into Plane of Hate.

37.8) In addition to Plane of Fear and Plante of Hate Class Armor only being allowed a Need Before Greed Role based on class usage, this rule will ALSO include any no drop items useable by that specific class to equip or if its within a quest for their class. ALL NO DROP Items for a class specific epic will ONLY be allowed to be rolled by that class (ie. Hand of Maestro is for warrior epic so ONLY warrior classes can roll)

We hope to see you there!

The Calm...

25. April 2020 - written by Gefragschlimmer at 12:07 • 1 Comment

Ying Yang

Snuggle Fest

Hey how you doin' lil' mama let me whisper in ya ear
Tell ya somethin' that ya might like to hear
Got a sexy ass body and ya ass look soft
Mind if I touch it to see if it's soft
Nah, I’m just playin' ‘less you say I can
And I'm known to be a real nasty man

Remember to always get /consent!

A Week in Review

Raids, Alts, Loots, and Recruits, oh my! Welcome all new applicants! Grats to all on the loots and levels. 

Here's a few highlights from this weeks scheduled raids:

Loot Dungeon Crawl - Solb & FG (Fire Giants 4-21-20 Tranix and Skarlon), 04.21.20

icon Mithril Greaves - race 6 class 4 Calming, 3 DKP

Loot Dungeon Crawl - Solb & FG (Fire Giants 4-20-20 Redeye Efreeti and Magi), 04.21.20

icon Golden Efreeti Boots - race 1 class 7 Ilxoxll, 60 DKP
icon Polished Mithril Mask - race 0 class 15 Curado, 12 DKP

Loot Dungeon Crawl - Solb & FG (Fire Giants 4-23-20 Morning Kills), 04.23.20

icon Crown of King Tranix - race 2 class 4 Zegzag, 110 DKP
icon Mithril Greaves - race 3 class 10 Kreepjack, 3 DKP
icon Polished Mithril Mask - race 3 class 12 Casten, 13 DKP

Loot Dungeon Crawl - Solb & FG (Fire Giants 4-23-20 Evening Kill), 04.23.20

icon Polished Mithril Torque - race 0 class 8 Theavon, 3 DKP
icon Mithril Greaves - race 10 class 11 Goruk, 4 DKP
icon Polished Mithril Mask - race 5 class 14 Nooks, 13 DKP

Loot Dungeon Crawl - Solb & FG (Fire Giants 4-24-20 Redeye), 04.24.20

icon Polished Mithril Mask - race 0 Dumpsious - GHOST, 10 DKP
icon Mithril Vambraces - race 6 class 4 Calming, 5 DKP

Loot _Phinny [ARCHIVED] (Phinny 4-24-20 Morning Kill), 04.24.20

icon Swirlspine Belt - race 2 class 6 Resilak, 12 DKP
icon Seahorse Scale Cloak - race 11 class 11 Gordgeous, 21 DKP


With all the new alts being made, a new guide has been created on how to easily copy your UI configuration between characters. Check it out at Copy UI to New Character

And On the 7th Day

Kailynn's Chill View

Time for a well deserved rest. Enjoy the weekend off! Wait, who left these windows open?

Get In My Belly!

19. April 2020 - written by Gefragschlimmer at 10:02 • 0 Comments

Belly Casting Time Boys

The powers that be have dropped a new meta changing patch on us mere mortals, and (with no surprises) have been berated for their efforts. Check it out at https://www.project1999.com/forums/showthread.php?t=356056

Kingdom After Dark

In their anger over the loss of their precious icon Red Wood Wand all the denizens we had so recently put to bed had awakened from their slumber. All the Lords of Norrath (that weren't comatose from 12 hours of very successful poopsocking) rushed to their keyboards. With much haste we brought Lord Nagafen, his star-crossed lover Lady Vox, and, once again, the Faceless God himself to rest.

Vox Server Reset Kill - Click to Enlarge

Congrats to all including our friends from <Ataskui>!

6 for 9 for the Weekend

To celebrate, there is a new style available based on everyone's favorite Erudite Lich, Miragul! Check out the Style guide here.

We can all rest easy now... Oh snap, what's that rumbling???

Saturday Socks

18. April 2020 - written by Gefragschlimmer at 19:40 • 0 Comments

Faceless Facedown

race 5 class 14 Pacatus and the Content Crew put together this video of our first Cazic Thule kill.

Loot Cazic Thule 1.0 (Dracoliche/Cazic Thule Kills 3-14-20 - CT counts as Double DKP since first time kill), 03.14.20

icon Staff of Undead Legions - race 1 class 7 Brug, 51 DKP
icon Blood Fire - race 11 class 13 Jumo, 88 DKP

We liked it so much, we thought we'd do it again.

But they say third time's a charm, and so we did it again... Thanks for the pics race 5 class 5 Viticius

Draco / CT Down 04/18/2020 ya'll

The Faceless One, Cazic-Thule, the God of Fear: he spreads terror and hopelessness the world over. Cazic-Thule resides on the Plane of Fear. At the center of that dark and horrid place, he broods over his growing empire, surrounded by thousands of dread minions. He is an enormous, hulking shape - a walking mountain, with a bulbous projection where a head should be. There is no face, no sign of any sensory organs (although the dreadful god is preternaturally sensitive). He has two muscular, outsized arms that can crush giants with a single blow, and two smaller, yet still powerful arms just below them that grasp weapons and/or a shield. Massive, clawed feet support the bulk. Cazic-Thule is the master of most iksar, who live in fear and awe of their god and seek to appease him by terrorizing others. His worshipers are drawn from all races and all walks of life, though, and the darkness of their service is spreading across Norrath. Cazicites indulge in murder, torture, live sacrifice, and unspeakable rites in the furtherance of their deity's aims. The god himself does not tread the world, but when he has need to intervene in terrestrial affairs - or thwart the plans of the other gods, with whom he is in constant competition - he dispatches his avatar, a mighty being in its own right. Occasionally, armies of heroes breach the barriers between the planes and dare the perils of the Plane of Fear on some short mission. Destined for failure, all but a few of these quests end in doom, especially should the heroes come to the God of Fear's attention while they walk his home plane.

Stopping Blades

Field reporter race 0 class 4 Nougat captured some footage of an elusive, majestic beast. So, of course, we killed it...


Super Wet Master of the Elements

Water levels are always the worst, but a icon Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water is a great way to end the night. Grats race 1 class 5 Twofor!

Stylish Stylings

Bored socking? Why not FashionQuest it up? You can now change your style for the kingdomdkp.com website! Check out the guide here.

Album #2

New Shenanigans

This is not a drill! There is new Michael's shenanigans If you're not familiar, make sure to check out all of his excellent EQ Content.

Stay Safe Ya'll

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