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The First Brood

23. July 2021 - written by Gefragschlimmer at 12:49 • 0 Comments

Kingdom Velious Logo

Into the Scars of Velious

Ice Cold Stats

Kingdom P99 Green Server Velious Launch First Kills

Other Kingdom Accomplishments in first week of Velious

  • VP Complete: Nexona, Hoshkar, Xygoz, Phara Dar, Druushk
  • Velious Madness: Dain Frostreaver, Velketor the Sorcercer, Derakor the Vindicator, King Tormax, Keldor Dek’Torek, Gozzrem, x5 Vindi’s killed, x3 scout rolls won
  • Other kills: CT, Vox, Talendor, Silverwing 
  • And More!


Now, where dem beads?

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