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One Year of Kingdom!


Happy Anniversary Kingdom

To all our Members, past and present, thank you so much for being part of Kingdom. EverQuest is such a special game due to it's incredible alliance on social interaction. More than virtually any other game, your interactions and relationships matter. This is amplified for a guild. We truly appreciate the community you've helped to develop here and we are all dedicated to growing and enhancing those bonds so we may all enjoy this game we love a little more.

Enjoy this brief retrospective of just some of the successes we've celebrated together this past year.

Anniversary Event

Bunch of Bronies

Thank you to all that joined our One Year Anniversary event! Did you miss out? No worries! Check out the video here!

Meeting Notes can be found at http://meetings.kingdomdkp.com

Event Video:

We hope you enjoyed the scavenger hunt, trivia, PvP, prizes and more. 

Black Stallion

Avatar of War - Sorta


Question # TRIVIA CONTEST Answers
1 What is the famous quote from a raid successful kill after a CT wipe CR? I was there and I was naked
2 Who got kicked from Aviak Island Willem
3 When she isn't taking the kids to soccer practice, one of the Karen's can be found raging on social media. What is her platform of choice? Facebook
4 The server first Innoruuk pull was "handled" by our glorious leader Cothatani and resulted in a 4th of the server wiping. What "punishment" did he receive? An Earth Staff
5 The Legend of the Basket Hands was grown on open raid when he managed to Scooop a legendary item with a perfect roll. What was the item? An RBB
6 Pulling in Plane of Hate sure can be tiring. All tuckered out, one old member decided a nap was in order. What was that guy's name? Resilak / accepting Vine
7 [Kunark] Gefragschlimmer loves trivia. He can frequently be heard telling tales of Blue when, before completing a Shaman epic for a member, he told them he wanted to make sure he walked the path of Heyokah. His first question stumped the young adventurer. But surely you know better. What is the name of the City of Mist? Torsis
8 Inspiring <Black Lotus> to make a GIF, this OG member just wants you to accept your damn 0% rezzes. Who is Calian
9 Always the master of creative pronounciation, this guild leader will be sure to butcher your name. Who is Pactaus
10 Kingdom is known as a content creator to much of the server. Our most succesful example is hosting the list that empowers players at which camp? Ancient Cyclops
11 Our glorious leader, Cothatanii, and many members come from this Blue raiding guild which was one of the longest running raiding guilds and even inspired a sequel here on Green. What was the name of that guild? Taken
12 Who is the first member to join the Kingdom Discord Server? Draconite
13 Who is the founder of Kingdom? Wrath / Arathorn
14 Many members stepped up to help build Kingdom's mage army. What was the name of the guild these mages came from? Karens of Karana
15 Kingdom has vanquished all the gods that have made themselves known in the Planes of Norrath, despite a world-wide pandemic. What is the name of the god that requires no mask? Cazic-Thule (The Faceless)
16 Nougat created a video with the theme from Phantom of the Opera to us killing what boss? Maestro of Rancor
17 Sirran the Lunatic wants to know if you are one with this Misty Thicket landmark. The Wall ("?llaw eht htiw eno I ma")
18 Who was the manager of KoK? MsJuju
19 How many dragons did Kingdom lose on Teal- Bonus point - what was the cause? 1 - Conceded
20 What was Jeptha's original first and last name? Wettest Ever
21 How many Cyrosilk Robes did Kingdom get before they stopped dropping? 3
22 What Simpsons emoji does Cothatanii use constantly mr. burns
23 Where is Otama's timeout spot in PoHate? behind the organ
24 Which officer is a huge fan of 8-tracks? Casette
25 Name all three Praetorians that Wrath gave in charge of Kingdom? Academa, Schtoppa, Pacatus/Matikaj
26 What is the first god of norrath created? rathe

Ruins On The Horizon


Rumors have begun to spread that distant and mysterious lands have been discovered. Prepare for The Ruins of Kunark with our guides and details at kunark.kingdomdkp.com. Our guide video series is dropping Thursday 11/5. Get hyped with this preview trailer:


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