• Monday, 4. July 2022 17:14

Dragons and Hats and Rings - oh my!


We started the week with a successful Ring War - congrats to Anarke! Looking foward to future ring wars for our many new Ring 9 owners who are now on the hunt for a Ring War of their own!

On Friday we enjoyed a VS Kill, and also Vox (with scales!)

We then moved on with some Veeshan's Peak Dragons - Phara Dar and Silverwing, Temple of Veeshan targets Eashen, Telk, and Gozzrem (SHOVEL and BRACELET!), and some fun in Kunark with Faydedar.

A return to VP helped us to finish off Calcium's special lady Nexona.

On the epic front - Vessel Drosslin (Caroll) and Verina Tomb (Xsia) - Druid Epic (Nightadder) - Ranger Epics (Elarin & Quivah) - and farmed 5 rounds (yes, 5) Chardok Royals for our Clerics and Enchanters.

Also, we learned what bored clerics do on the lower islands of sky ... check out one of the famous picture series, "The Hats of Smileface!

Good times, Kingdom! Let's see what this next cycle brings us as a guild!  


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