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Dear Diary,


October 11, 2021

Dear Diary,

Well I was standing there, minding my own business on top of the bell tower looking over a peaceful Plane of Fear, I swear they've finally accepted that I'm one of them after being here so long. It had been a LONG day of just sitting, gazing, pondering life really. I thought I saw my friend Draco at one point but alas...it was just a shadow. But then wait...is it...oh yes it is. I think to myself "DRACO my friend; you're so late, but better late than never." Then all these people charged in through the portal like they owned the place 1 then 2 then 3 then bless my stars there were 66 people that looked vaguely familiar. All of sudden the heavens shook and there Draco runs off; chasing after some short fellow named Belegol...now really Belegol? He's only going to be a snack...but then I start hearing cries of pain. They're killing him???? Jeesh he only just got here and he has to die before tea? Really? Then no longer do they kill him then they all run out...well I never...die and dash...BARBARIC.

So things calmed down a might more and Fear got back to it's peaceful self, the gorgons roosting as the fiends make their way about. Then of course, late again, the mister gets in. The Father of Lizards showed up beside me and we had a brief dance party before of course Cazic arrives and BELLOWS that we all attend him and I swear the entire neighbourhood showed up just to listen to his griping.

Again, the portal had people spewing out of it. I swear I turned around and there were 200 people in zone shouting and yelling. Draco went off to play with some group named after Seals, like really? Go to Kedge...there's water there. Then I turn around and Dread is falling to a group named Kingdom....AGAIN...someone named Tranqua got in over his britches and hit Terror before running off. But then Kingdom, not even phased went and killed Fright. Honestly the triplets never hurt anyone intentionally, they can't control their Death touches. Then someone named Shinko started yelling about a kite and first to engage. No one asked anyone to marry them so what's this about an engagement? Well most of Kingdom got killed when one of their own showed all my friends where they were hiding and Terror sadly fell to those Seal folks...who really don't look like they could even swim. Then that group tried to kill Cazic...my beloved...I tried to run to his side but I couldn't move paralyzed in fear. I really shouldn't have worried because 20 minutes later their corpses were strewn about and there was Cazic looking as muddily handsome as ever.

Those Sealers regrouped yet again...but this time they seemed just angry and ill prepared because of course my Cazic just flicked them off as they seemingly tried death by 100 papercuts...it didn't work and more corpses littered the field.

But those Kingdom friends? foes? what do you call your friends when they try to kill your husband? Anyways they had convinced others of Cazic's horde to join in the fight and I heard his cries of pain. I was conflicted. Who do I help? I saw them dying as Cazic's health went down...but they kept getting resurrected and running back into battle; a few minutes more passed and I was still frozen before I heard Cazic's final deafening cry as he fell to the Kingdom. There was much cheering as they raised their dead and healed up. I'm still torn on if I should be excited for them or sad for Cazic...but wait...what's this?

Oh a letter from Cazic appeared..."don't worry love, I'll be back in about 7 days...don't go anywhere.” Maybe we’ll even get to have tea or I’ll make something out of all these berries I found waiting for him before another group tries to kill him.

Yours truly,



Pyrrh what a great insight and thoughtful post from your diary!

I did not write this, and I am completely looking forward to future entries from the Diaries of Scaryteri!

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