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What A WEEK for the Kingdom!!!

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Apr 11 - Apr 17
Raiding Results: With the Sleeper Awakening looming over us, Kingdom started the week with Zlandi. The next day, we had a CLEAN Tunare kill into a Statue/AoW. What a strong Tuesday!

On Wednesday we amassed with the server and sniped Lord Yelinak before Kerafyrm could get there. We showed off some absolutely amazing goal-tending abilities.

Shortly after the Sleeper event in Skyshrine, we had a sweet sweet quake that gave us a 2nd Yelinak, a 2nd AoW, Doze, CT; plus Klandi and LTK putting us at FIVE new ST keys.

~Notably in Fear, we were able to take the CT kill away from Seal Team who was already in the zone when we made the call to move over. Felt GREAT!

Saturday quake netted us a few more sleeper keys and priority kills. Sleeper's sweep and another Doze. Let's go!

Sunday funday, cleaned up some TOV dragons and helped Castle with a Ring War.

Beautiful effing week Kingdom!

Kill List: 2xZlandi, Tunare, Statue, 2xAoW, 3xYeli, 2xDoze, CT, 2xGozzrem, 2xKlandi, 2xLTK, 2xMOTG, Prog, TFA(Primal Grats Boucc), Lady N, 2xTelkorenar, 2xXygoz, 2xDruushk, Nexona, Phara Dar, Silverwing, Hoshkar(Green Scales Grats Vult!), Vaniki, 2xVindi/KDT, Yael, Wuoshi
Ring War: 1 Kingdom, 1 Castle. Grats Stabtastic!
Sleeper keys: 9


Little did we know that come Monday a full server reset was looming around the corner, when the servers came back up; Kingdom rolled up their sleeves and went to work! Netting a great Monday afternoon quake for the guild!

Monday Quake:
Dain - KD - Yeli - Zlandi - Klandi - LTK (key - 4 keys today) - MOTG (Primal Grats Gorash) - Eashen (Claw) - Aary - Dagarn - Lady N - Gozzrem w/ Essedria (silver symbol - slowed by ST) - Telk - Naggy

Total Kill List for the Week
Dain, KD, 3xZlandi, Tunare, Statue, 2xAoW, 4xYeli, 2xDoze, CT, 3xGozzrem, 3xKlandi, 3xLTK, 3xMOTG, Prog, TFA, Lady N, 3xTelkorenar, 2xXygoz, 2xDruushk, Nexona, Phara Dar, Silverwing, Hoshkar, Vaniki, 2xVindi/KDT, Yael, Wuoshi, Eashen, Aary, Dagarn, Lady N, Naggy

If your are interested in joining the Kingdom check out the fun below, hit us up, and apply now!! https://kingdomdkp.com/eqdkp/index.php/Writeapplication.html?

Some Video & Screenshot Highlights of this last week in Kingdom!!


Kingdom's first Warder Engage

One of these things doesn't belong

Klandi Sleeping like a Clown


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