• Saturday, 13. August 2022 15:01



Have you met Kingdomswag? Kingdomswag is a good will bot that spreads kindness and generosity to players on Everquest P99 Green in hopes of bolstering a fun and social community for all.

Her mission? To support the efforts of new players in hopes they they will one day grow mighty enough to face the strongest foes of Norrath.

She so far has completed 8 give-aways to the younglings of the Green server in the zones of Oasis, North Ro, Crushbone, and Mistmoore. Recently she was proud to distribute two Argent Protectors amongst her other donated swag.

Keep an eye out for a giveaway event near you, and don't forget to take a selfie with the Queen of Swag herself!


Sychotica Zylum

haha this is awsome =) hiya kingdom mates! good to see yall passin on dat elite wealth!

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