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Saturday Socks


Faceless Facedown

race 5 class 14 Pacatus and the Content Crew put together this video of our first Cazic Thule kill.

Loot Cazic Thule 1.0 (Dracoliche/Cazic Thule Kills 3-14-20 - CT counts as Double DKP since first time kill), 03.14.20

icon Staff of Undead Legions - race 1 class 7 Brug, 51 DKP
icon Blood Fire - race 11 class 13 Jumo, 88 DKP

We liked it so much, we thought we'd do it again.

But they say third time's a charm, and so we did it again... Thanks for the pics race 5 class 5 Viticius

Draco / CT Down 04/18/2020 ya'll

The Faceless One, Cazic-Thule, the God of Fear: he spreads terror and hopelessness the world over. Cazic-Thule resides on the Plane of Fear. At the center of that dark and horrid place, he broods over his growing empire, surrounded by thousands of dread minions. He is an enormous, hulking shape - a walking mountain, with a bulbous projection where a head should be. There is no face, no sign of any sensory organs (although the dreadful god is preternaturally sensitive). He has two muscular, outsized arms that can crush giants with a single blow, and two smaller, yet still powerful arms just below them that grasp weapons and/or a shield. Massive, clawed feet support the bulk. Cazic-Thule is the master of most iksar, who live in fear and awe of their god and seek to appease him by terrorizing others. His worshipers are drawn from all races and all walks of life, though, and the darkness of their service is spreading across Norrath. Cazicites indulge in murder, torture, live sacrifice, and unspeakable rites in the furtherance of their deity's aims. The god himself does not tread the world, but when he has need to intervene in terrestrial affairs - or thwart the plans of the other gods, with whom he is in constant competition - he dispatches his avatar, a mighty being in its own right. Occasionally, armies of heroes breach the barriers between the planes and dare the perils of the Plane of Fear on some short mission. Destined for failure, all but a few of these quests end in doom, especially should the heroes come to the God of Fear's attention while they walk his home plane.

Stopping Blades

Field reporter race 0 class 4 Nougat captured some footage of an elusive, majestic beast. So, of course, we killed it...


Super Wet Master of the Elements

Water levels are always the worst, but a icon Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water is a great way to end the night. Grats race 1 class 5 Twofor!

Stylish Stylings

Bored socking? Why not FashionQuest it up? You can now change your style for the kingdomdkp.com website! Check out the guide here.

New Shenanigans

This is not a drill! There is new Michael's shenanigans If you're not familiar, make sure to check out all of his excellent EQ Content.

Stay Safe Ya'll


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