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Haters Gonna Hate


Friday, Bloody, Friday

The veil separating the mortal realm and the Kingdom of the Prince of Hate has been pierced. His children lay siege to once tranquil lands...

[Fri May 01 17:00:19 2020 - CST] Deep within the lava in the north, an unknown temple has been discovered. Elsewhere, a wave of terror has settled over a forest, replacing the calm and peacefulness with an unexplained hatred. Powerful items have been recovered from the depths of Guk, Najena, and Cazic-Thule, and have been hidden away.

Let the Battle of Bloody Kithicor commence! Assemble the troops! Ready the batphone! Ports? Buff up! To Kithicor!

My Father Who Aren't in Heaven

The Father of Vengeance, Innoruuk, Prince of Hate: He spreads loathing and scorn across all Norrath. From the black heart of the Plane of Hate, Innoruuk tirelessly channels his eternal rage into myriad schemes and plots, seeking to create fierce opposition wherever harmony and tranquility exist. Loathing replaces love, and fury overrides friendship as Innoruuk fosters betrayal, murder, and vengeance within vulnerable mortals — especially those who are already greedy for power, pinning for prestige, or hungry for wealth. Many times have the spies of Innoruuk subtly turned supposed allies to blood feuds and even open warfare.

Within Innoruuk's vast city of twisting alleys and narrow streets of the Plane of Hate are a horde of abominable constructs, undead, and even scions of Innoruuk's chosen race, the powerful Tier'Dal, administering their dark god's will while maintaining a tireless vigil against invaders. Over time, the Plane of Hate has come to reflect its master's ever-expanding power.

Innoruuk's true form stands roughly 60 feet tall, his frame somewhat thin and his head oblong. Innoruuk's faintly bat-like facial features are permanently pulled back into a vicious sneer, while a gaze of his infernal eyes is said to be capable of eliciting open combat between even the best of friends. Innoruuk usually wears finely made, colorful shirts, pants, bright jewelry, and a great dark-colored cloak.

Innoruuk is worshiped by the dark elves, or Teir'Dal, who see hatred as the means for achieving anything, when wielded properly. The Teir'Dal are Innoruuk's primary servants on Norrath, masters of vengeance, spying, infiltrating, breeding feuds, and, above all, tormenting their light elven cousins. Among the Teir'Dal, one who sees himself or herself as a victim is laughable, while one who turns a setback into the downfall of the one who wronged them is highly respected. A surprising number of humans and trolls also follow Innoruuk, similarly revering hatred as a tool capable of driving them along the path of greatness.

Being the first natural spawn of the month, it was time for a UN sponsored Server Wide Inclusive Raid! So all of Kingdom and 300 of our closest friends made their way to the newly opened plane.

race 0 class 5 Cothatanii snagged server first Innoruuk FTE via a gnarly G-Flux Head Slam McTwist and kicked off a 300 person CR! Epic!

300 Player PoH CR

Soon the forces reassembled. Seething with Hate, revenge would be ours.

The Prince of Hate

And race 0 class 5 Cothatanii received his just rewards, icon Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth!

Congrats to all that came and thanks <Venerate>, <Black Lotus>, <Seal Team>, and all the UN guilds for setting up these awesome events. Don't know about the server-wide open raids? Read about it here!

Shivers, Shakes, and Quakes

The night was not over however, as the gods had other plans...

We went ahead and 86'd those star-crossed lovers:

Lord Naggy

And his icy mistress, Lady Vox

race 2 class 14 Godsend was nice enough to scoop up the booty for us!

Wait, is he... gating? East Commonlands? WTF?

Plead the Forth

Still a year out from those sweet lightsabers icon Blade of Tactics and icon Blade of Strategy, but still, Happy Star Wars day all!


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