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Heroes and Zeros

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Division by 0 Error!

Maths are hard, but I was taught 2/2 is 100%

Loot eventicon63Dracoliche (Draco 5-15-20 Kill), 05.15.20

icon Spined Dragon Claws - race 7 class 9 Outcast, 25 DKP
icon Monsoon, Sword of the Swiftwind - race 6 class 13 Tiggo, 30 DKP

Loot eventicon63Dracoliche (Draco 5-15-20 2nd Kill), 05.15.20

icon Bone Razor - race 4 class 10 Belagor, 40 DKP

Therefore 0/0 is also 100% and exactly what we delivered to The Faceless. Whomping the God of Fear to 0% after a quick recovery and nice engage, we failed to bring him to completion. Seal Team swung in with a quick clubbing and enjoyed the fruits of our labor. So it goes. Grats Seals!

The Logging Industry

EverQuest Logs

race 11 class 11 Gordgeous never knows what race 5 class 14 Pacatus is doing back there.

Now that we beat EverQuest... again... we've decided to retire to the farm like your 3rd grade dog. Hate, being a naturally sustainable resource, has proven quite lucrative. Well, at least what passes for lucrative in vanilla.

Classic Itemization

Oh! Now I get it!

Maestro of Rancor Guide

Perhaps we'll attempt this unorthodox strategy next time.

As informative as that was, we continue our push to build out our Resources -> Guides section. If you are interested in creating guides and content related to raids, classes, tools, tire rotations, loot, or whatever else, hit up race 10 class 12 Gefragschlimmer for access.

Fallen Heroes

race 14 class 5 Ubumo isn't the only to have their rez timer expire recently. Jerry Stiller, Fred Willard, and yet another original EQ dev, Mike Hutchins all passed.

Mike Hutchins - Original EQ Dev

Mike created SolA, SolB, Paineel, and Neriak so a great way to honor him would be to check out our Neriak Site Style.

Language of Love & Kummerspeck

race 0 class 4 Nougat put this helpful video together for those who no sprechen sie Deutsch so good.

Now Know me Better Man!

There will be no test, but 1/0 is still more than 100% so get your Extra Credit Here


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