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Sky Above, Earth Below


Kingdom takes health and safety seriously, so of course, members prepared appropriately for the Plane of Sky opening in mid-August.

Don’t worry. We ensure the pets wash their hands while they’re invis’d.


No amount of preparation is ever quite enough though.

Hit the Ground Running

Just as we were settling into our new home in Sky, we returned to the firm ground of Norrath for the final face-off of the month with the dragons and gods.

Our first stop: Antonica, to exchange a few words with Lord Nagafen. Things got heated, but we ultimately secured a Kingdom-only Naggy kill, scoring a icon Cloak of Flames, icon Orb of Tishan, and icon Red Dragon Tooth!

Lord Nagafen

dead Nagafen

We then learned that the Prince of Hate was in, so we paid him a visit. Needless to say, Innoruuk and his hateful residents were not happy to see us enter their realm. Despite the rude welcome, we secured yet another Kingdom-only kill! Tucked gently under Inny’s arm, we found his most recent reading material: the icon Encyclopedia Necrotheurgia.

These kills were not enough and only fueled the desire for more blood. We entered the Plane of Fear to put Dracoliche’s weary bones to rest. Within his bones were the loots of the icon Staff of Undead Legions and icon Spined Dragon Claws.

Some shower thoughts emerged from this encounter. Did Draco simply blip into existence as bones or did he exist with flesh before? But also... 

Draco Conspiracy 2

Thank you, Sarp. Thank you, percocet.

Fly to the Sky

Riding the momentum, Kingdom flew solo into Sky once again to successfully exterminate the queen bee, Bazzt Zzzt...

Bazzt Zzzt

... raced and conquered it's-not-delivery, it's Noble DiGiorno Dojorn...

no delivery, no digiorno

Noble Dojorn

... and took a touristy family photo with the Eye of Veeshan...

Eye of Veeshan group photo

... before leaving peacefully absolutely melting this rainbow Spyro wannabe.



Not the bees!

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