• Saturday, 27. May 2023 23:40

Fish Fries with Friends


Guild Firsts, Fish Fry, and more with Kingdom on Ice!

Wow, what a cycle we had!

We kicked off our 7D cycle on Wednesday with a quick Ragefire kill for Medyx, then dispatched Velkator the Sorcerer and Lord Bob in Velketor's lab.

Thursday, we accomplished a full Plane of Sky clear (splat goes Queen Bee, as well as 10? feathers), Faydedar, and City Leaders (well, former City Leader?) Venril Sathir and Dain Frostreaver.

Moving on to Friday - we took out the Cobalt Scar Dragon Kelorek'Dar, visited the Emerald Jungle to hunt the dragon Severilous, then proceeded over to Sebilis for the dragon Trakanon (with 4 teeth!). A quick visit to Veeshan's Peak brought us victory versus the dragon Silverwing.

This weekend, Skyfire Dragon Talendor met his match; got a GUILD FIRST kill (strongly contested) in the Temple of Veeshan on Dozekar the Cursed (practice pays off!); and then returned to Veeshan's Peak for Druushk and Xygoz. Velketor the Sorcerer died a second time, and then VP Dragon Hoshkar gave up TWO of his cleric staves.

In Temple of Veeshan we had a good amount of success later in the weekend, with a kill on Telkorenar - followed by FIRST TIME KILL of Lady Nevedaria.

Lady Nev

Sunday - we returned to Ragefire twice; for Paider and for Lassie.

We then wrapped up the weekend with another GUILD FIRST KILL on Lord Koi`Doken, and a beautiful finish on Vindi.

Lord Koi'Doken

3 Guild First Time Kills, 3 Cleric Epics. 16 Dragons / 22 raid targets (I hope I counted that right...), and lots of teamwork, fun, and adventure.

Can't wait to see what next week brings us! FOR THE KINGDOM!


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