• Saturday, 27. May 2023 21:59

Vulak Down


Vulak'Aerr lurks in shadows in the northern wing of The Temple of Veeshan. His six guards await his arrival, unaware of the preparation being held at the temple's entrance. For there stands an alliance of warriors, spell casters, thieves, and more waiting for their moment to strike. In the instant his scales show, scouts report the sighting. Powerful magicians carve a path through drakes, while monks are summoned behind the dragon himself. Flipping through to gain his attention while Wizards single out each of his guards to match arcane wits against. The force moves in tandem, taking positions behind walls and pillars. The strongest warrior takes point in front of the dragon's maw and begins his defensive stance. Clerics are quick to heal his wounds while the Shamans attempt to extinguish some of Vulak's might. Slowed. Crippled. The dragon begins to struggle to make a dent in the warrior's armor. And with wave after wave of backstabs and flurries of blows... he is injured... he is badly wounded...

and Vulak'Aerr falls...    

We thank our raid leaders for pushing us to get this kill. Thanks to everyone in Kingdom who toughed it out over several attempts, training workshops, and practice sessions.

Thanks to our allies in Safe Space, who stood with us after all the prep and missed engages. And our new allies Castle, who defied all odds by heeding the call of Kingdom. 

All this time and energy was not without its reward. It is difficult to maintain a healthy life and be able to accomplish such a monumental goal together inside a video game. Kudos to all.

And so, I give you the loots of your labors:

Vulak'Aerr was defeated but he has issued us a rematch. A challenge we intend to take on next week!



This was a special day and I'm very glad I was able to be a part of Kingdom history! Good job everyone!

Im so happy that I was there to share this moment with all EQ friends I play with for more than 2 years now

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